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It turns out that what I thought was an allergy attack on Saturday was a full-blown cold. I feel like crap; yesterday I stayed home from work and today I thought I’d go in in the afternoon, but since I get out of breath walking to the bathroom, it’s not looking good.

When last I wrote I was trying to figure out how to make a single leaf. Part of the complication was that I didn’t want the background of the work to be reverse stockinette, and I wanted the appearance of shaping on the leaf on both sides of the leaf. Late on Sunday, I finally made it work.

My plan is to make a pair of trouser socks; up to the calves with calf shaping. I hit upon sheer brilliance (in my not-so-humble opinion) when I developed my leaf pattern to have more decreases than increases in it, resulting in 4 stitches decreased with every leaf. So I could scatter some falling leaves down the side of the sock, and they would do the calf shaping for me! I’m very happy with the results:

falling leaves socks

( It’s a little blurry, sorry. See a clearer shot with more detail here.) When looked at from above, the leaves have too much depth and look weird (and even from the side, my boyfriend doesn’t like the look). In fact, let me back up: I was taking the pictures just to show that I made a ton of progress while sick, but to lament that I was going to have to take it out and rethink. Instead, after seeing the shot in the camera, I’m newly in love with what I’ve created.

I randomly placed the leaves along just the outside of the sock (I’ll have a right and a left sock). I will place the leaves randomly on the other sock, too, so the two won’t be an exact match. If you notice, the leaves aren’t all the same size, either, to give it some additional visual interest.

The yarn (Hill Country Yarns) is so amazing: soft to the touch, but holds up to being worked and reworked many times over. The striping was particularly appealing to me back when I had 92 stitches, and though I’m not thrilled with the combination pooling/striping that’s happening now that I’m at the final count for the sock (72 stitches; I get 9sts/in on size 1s), it’s certainly not ugly.

One perk of still feeling sick is that I might finish the first sock soon!

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  1. Dee says:

    I love the pattern. I’m am so in awe of people that make up their own pattern. I’m still at the “follow-along” stage.

    Hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are the WORST!

  2. Rachel says:

    Those look very cool. I like how the stripes on the leaves are on an angle in relation to the stripes on the main body of the sock — it adds to the impression of the leaves drifting down all willy nilly.

    I hope you’re feeling much better!

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