welcome to the world, linnea!

A dear friend from college, for whom I was a bridesmaid, just had her first baby yesterday! I knit the (secret from the blog) purple sweater for her, but I am still at work on the pattern and haven’t mailed it off yet. (It wouldn’t fit her yet anyway.) I couldn’t resist posting the photo that was sent around, however, of Linnea in her adorable knit hat–what a fabulous pattern. I didn’t knit it, and I don’t know who did, but is this not the cutest thing!?

Turns out it was the baby’s own mom who knit it! (See the comments.) I taught Erin to knit back in college, and I’m happy to see that she’s knitting for Linnea! Congrats again, Erin! (btw: your knitting tension still seems to be as perfectly even as ever.):


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  1. Erin says:

    I knit it! You can find the pattern at http://knitting.about.com/library/blbabyhat9.htm

    For a newborn, one would want to use the preemie size instructions at the bottom. Linnea has an average head circumference, and the hat is nice and snug. The person who wrote the pattern is crazy if she thinks the first size would fit a newborn well.

    I also made a red and white hat in a different pattern when I was fed up with pink. I was admonished by the lactation consultant at the hospital for having the baby in red. :) The pattern can be found at http://www.geocities.com/pmshc/knewbornhat.html. I left off the pompom. We ended up having to fold up the bottom so it wasn’t in her eyes. If I were to make another one for a newborn, I would make the contrast stripe longer so that you can’t see the where the color changes when it’s folded up. (Does that make any sense?)

    I love your site! Congratulations on getting it up and running. By the way, I can’t wait to see the sweater. No worries about not getting it here sooner. I’m just thrilled to know that the baby will have something knit by you!

  2. Rachel says:

    Can you please ask Erin why the lactation consultant admonished her for having the baby in red? I’m very curious (and prepared to be very skeptical, whatever the reason).

    That is a really cute hat — I’ve bookmarked the pattern. Can’t wait to see the purple sweater, too!

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