another do-over

I’ve said it before and I’ll always believe it: I’m not afraid to take something out and do it over. But really? I’m kind of tired of always having to do so.

knitted tie

Before our trip to NYC, I looked for an easy project for the train ride. I started a knitted tie for the boy, who’d always expressed an interest in having a knit tie. I followed the pattern from Interweave Knits, doing some modifications to hit the gauge I was getting, and I merrily knt along.

I used up all of the yarn, one skein of Lorna’s Laces in a color that I’m not sure of (denim?). I blocked the devil out of it, and spent the last few days meticulously sewing up the end with thread. I finished it up and just asked him to try it on.

Too short.

It essentially matches the measurements given in the pattern, maybe a few inches short, but it’s looking too short on his long torso. I think I can tweak this and make it work, doing a slightly narrower tie over a longer length.

I’m going to knit it in a tube this time, though–no seaming for me. I’m off to go undo all my careful sewing! Keeping my fingers crossed that this comes out ok . . .

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