if you were a size 1 circular,

where the heck would you be??

I seem to have completely lost my size 1 circ. I can find the sleeve it originally came in. I can find my 0, my 2s, my 3s, and even larger sizes. I’ve looked under the couch cushions (found one size 1 dpn in there!); I’ve looked under the couch. I don’t know where else to look or what I last used the 1s for. Waaahhhh!! I want to start a new pair of socks!!!

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  1. Ashley says:

    If it were me, it would probably be inside the dog. Not a problem you have. Did you maybe start a sock on it and forget it somewhere halfway through?

  2. Karen says:

    I swear . . . those knitting needles have legs we don’t know about. I don’t know how they run away so quickly. I guess it could be just about anywhere. Maybe if you call “Marco . . . . “, it will yell “Polo . . . .” back?? LOL Best of luck finding it.

  3. Joan says:

    You do know this means that you have half a sock somewhere, possibly in a handbag. The last time this happened to me, I found 1 1/2 socks(the 1/2 sock being on my #1’s) and $20. I took it as a sign to buy more yarn.

  4. MeBeth says:

    I agree – whenever a needle of mine goes missing it’s usually hiding in a project. Sometimes I even use smaller needles in place of waste yarn to hold stitches on a project, so it could be hanging out at the top of a sleeve somewhere, or threaded through the place where you’ll eventually put a pocket. Mysterious. The only way to guarantee you’ll find it is to buy a new one.

  5. Casey says:

    I hope you’ve found your needle! few things make me grumpier than looking for a knitting needle (or chibi) that I know I have but can’t find anywhere!

    Your college pictures are really pretty. They make me (almost) wish I were still in school.

  6. Kirsten says:

    Well, I just found mine (I blogged about it a couple months ago) and only because we moved and I had to go through everything I own! Good luck! Oh yeah…mine was in the camera bag…of course! Why not?!?

    ps: found you through ninjaknits flickr contacts. Hi!

  7. Rachel says:

    Hey, I think that size 1 DPN you found must be mine — I’ve been looking for mine everywhere.

    I hope you find it. (I may learn whether or not you found it just a blog post or two later — this is the problem with reading many posts at once.)

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