oh baby

I ordered a laptop–the cheapest MacBook out there–on Sunday, and it arrived today! Oh, I am in love. It is delightful. And now it needs a protective sleeve. I’m thinking of trying my hand at felting for the first time. I’ve got some Manos I snagged from my mom that’s not doing anything . . . This may be my weekend adventure. I worry a bit about fuzz getting on the computer, though–anyone have experience with this?

The past two nights I’ve had mid-evening plans, so have killed the time beforehand by working on another pair of Pomatomus. On Tuesday my friend and I sat in Clark Park, and I knit before yoga, and last night the boy and I sat outside with coffee in West Philly, and I knit before I met a friend for dinner. I don’t know how in the last week I’ve become this bold knit-in-public sort of girl, but it’s been liberating. I notice people giving the work a peek, but no one has asked me what I’m working on or what I’m doing. Heck, last night we stopped a woman with a clipboard to ask her what the heck she was doing (a project for a city planning class), so I’m fully prepared for the questions, but none are forthcoming.

This pair of Pomatomus (no picture yet, sorry) is a renewed effort on the pair for the boy’s mom. Since I used the original yarn for his tie, I went with my Lisa Souza yarn in Peacock. It’s a beautifully deep but bright blue, and the scaly, watery look of the socks works very nicely with the color. I continued with my plan to knit one sock toe up and the other top down, to get scales going in opposite directions. I read up on the Widdershins heel, which works for reversing the heel flap heel shaping, though I had to do a zillion more increases than the actual Widdershins pattern calls for, and I don’t know if it’s going to match exactly. I’m sure it will be close enough. I had to redo the heel flap a few times, because I was finessing how to handle the p2togs (tbl? normal? in the end, I twisted the first stitch of the two to be p2togged and p2togged normally, which gives something approximating the ktbl that makes these socks so awesome), and now I’m firmly ensconced in the leg. Going top down shouldn’t be a big problem, but figuring out where the heel gets placed to make the socks “identical” is going to be tricky: the length of the foot didn’t come out to a complete pattern repeat, so it’s “off” a little bit (like, turned to the side . . . it’s hard to explain). Eh, I’ll get it close enough and no one will be the wiser!

Still, I’m a little bored with socks at the moment, and I’m thinking of taking two weeks off in preparation for Socktoberfest! A felted laptop bag will be just the thing to divert my attention; I’m not sure I can go two full weeks.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I find I get lots of stares and few questions when I knit in public, though other knitters will usually talk to me. On the bus the other day, though, a group of people sitting across from me blatantly talked ABOUT me, which I thought was a little rude. (They weren’t being unkind; they were just saying “I don’t think I could have the patience” and “what do you think that is, a sock?” and stuff like that as though I couldn’t plainly hear them.)

  2. Jodie says:

    If you keep knitting in public you’ll get questions. I’m always knitting in public, and I get questions almost every time. It’s bound to happen at some point. Enjoy the new laptop! I’ll be doing Socktoberfest too.

    I also started the Zokni socks, but the yarn was too varigated for the pattern. I want to find some yarn that really does the pattern justice, so no socks yet.

  3. Arleta says:

    I get questions and comments all of the time, when I knit in public. The only not so nice ones have come from the inlaws. I have to say I love the photo shoot for the tie you knit. Great pics!

  4. Trillian42 says:

    I knit in public all the time – Yay DC Metro! I get questions sometimes, but it’s generally friendly ones.

    FWIW, hubby has carried his laptop in a felted Satchel off and on for a year now, and he hasn’t had any fuzz issues.

  5. Amy says:

    I don’t know about the fuzz issue and computers, but I’ve seen quite a few patterns for felted covers. I would take that to mean that it isn’t a problem.


  6. Annie says:

    No worries on the felting for a laptop. I made one for my mac and I love it. AlterKnits has great felted computer bags, super easy and really nice looking. Interweave Knits also published the pattern….sometime last year….

  7. Meg says:

    I was going to say what Annie said- I’ve been meaning to do a felted laptop bag from the AlterKnits pattern that was reprinted in Interweave for ages now. Mac books are so perfect, a little fuzz won’t hurt ’em!
    I often knit in public and rarely get comments. I also do a lot of origami folding in public and have never gotten a comment! Earlier this week on the train, I was working on a Pomatomus sock (yes, me too!) and a little girl of about 4 said (in that loud 4 y.o. way) “That lady’s knitting, daddy!” as if it was the most wondrous thing to see. I gave them a beaming smile, nearly jumping up to congratulate the father on the excellent education his daughter is obviously receiving!

  8. Lolly says:

    Those felted laptop totes are SO cute – go for it! I think that the Manos will be perfect for it too ;) Can’t wait to see.

    I knit in public all of the time and always get stares. Few have asked, and when they do, they wanna know all about it. Pretty funny. One time, a teenage boy was asking me all sorts of things! I was so surprised by his interest!

    Thank you for joining Socktoberfest! I can’t wait!

  9. MeBeth says:

    I love my new little Mac too, and I was thinking of knitting it a felted cover. (It already has a sporty red neoprene, but it probably needs something warm for winter, right?)

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