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I’ve got a new blog for you all to check out. Feed Dog. It’s pretty new, but I can vouch for the proprietor: impeccable sense of style and a good writer, to boot. Go send him some love, and watch for all the cool things he’s going to do! I can’t tell you how much his real-life influence (coupled with Ashley‘s virtual influence) has me wanting to make a quilt!

I’m filing this under “oddities” because it makes me giggle to do so. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it, too.

3 Responses to spreading the love

  1. Feed Dog says:

    Aw, thanks! I am more than happy to be an oddity, especially when you’re sugarcoating it with all the other compliments.

    I knew it was meant to be when Blogger still had feeddog available.

  2. MeBeth says:

    You people need to stop RIGHT NOW with the quilting stuff! Between you and Ashley I am having LOTS of trouble resisting the urge to go out there and buy a sewing machine and then skip off to the new Purl quilt store and spend 8 million dollars on fabric bits. I thought knitted dishcloths were a problem but the whole quilting thing promises to be a lot more dangerous.

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