a purging update

Yesterday I sat with the stash. Well, the stash that doesn’t sit next to the couch. And you know what? I purged it like nobody’s business. There were tangled skeins not worth keeping, bulky yarns I will never want to use, and more acrylic than I’d like to admit.

I thought about making stuff available to you guys, but there was so little, really, and pretty much none of it had a label or was a full skein. It wasn’t worth anything to anybody. And now it’s gone!

half of the stash!

I got this bin at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and now nearly all the yarn, plus a big bag of fiberfill (which of course, takes up a ton of the space–at the bottom) fits in the bin. OK, it’s spilling out over the top a bit, but it can be smooshed down. (There’s still the yarn in the container next to the couch, but it doesn’t get sorted: It simply gets put in a box. And a small KnitPicks box with a few skeins of Crayon in it. I can shove them in with everything else, no prob.)

Today, I went through my clothing. I’m happy to say that I filled a giant black trash bag with clothing to donate to some kind of charity (can’t figure out which is easiest to get to from here). I feel very satisfied with the things I’m keeping, and I’m proud of how honest I was with myself. I acknowledged the wonderful skirt that I’ve been holding onto for years but doesn’t fit. It will never fit–I’m very close to the weight I was when I could wear the skirt, but my body physically changed its shape when I hit my mid-20s, and now my hips will not let me wear that skirt. I sadly put it in the donation pile. The last 5 or so times I’ve done a purge, I’ve kept that skirt even though I KNEW I would never wear it again.

That was my task for the day–sort the clothing–so I feel at liberty to slack off a bit this afternoon! I’ve been working on a new pair of socks that have been an experiment in cables, and they have required much frogging. I’m psyched about them, though, if I can work out all the math!

Next task: Go through the linen closet, with all those random toiletries that I need once in a blue moon. It’s time to acknowledge that if I ever need a cotton ball down the road, I can buy some.

8 Responses to a purging update

  1. Rachel says:

    Nice work! My stash could do with a purge. My clothes too, actually. Come to think of it, all of my material possessions could probably stand to be reduced by half. But who has the time?

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your guilt-free, well-deserved sock knitting!

  2. MeBeth says:

    Good for you! I just did a toiletries purge this morning and it was terrifying, I threw away stuff that expired in ’99. When did I start turning into my grandmother??

  3. Meg says:

    Congratulations on the reduction. And thanks for the explanation of why something in my closet doesn’t fit even though I’m the same weight as when I bought it 8 years ago. I’m a shapechanger!! Never thought of that!

  4. Annie says:

    Good for you and the sort! I need to be doing that too, but it’s overwhelming. A little bit at a time, oh yes, I’ll try that. Ugh.

    So exciting that you are moving to New York. Yes, you WILL love it and there are so many knitters and cute stores, etc. You must come hang out with my knitting group!

    Sit n’ Knit New York: http://knitting.meetup.com/463/about/

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