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I’m not trying to post really frequently, but I seriously had a knitting dream last night!

There were a lot of details in this dream–friends driving friends to get to dinner, deciding to turn back for no apparent reason, warnings of a cold that you could catch in windy conditions–but the knitting part:

I was at some kind of party. There were a lot of people milling about, and I was there with my boyfriend. An announcement was made, that I only vaguely heard, but I realized what it was saying: It was telling me who in the room I was supposed to knit a sweater for. I found her in the crowd: She had shoulder-length dark brown hair and was wearing a knitted red cardigan (I think it was my Pam, only in a vibrant deep red). I turned to the boy and whispered, “I’m going to have to knit a sweater for her. I should have already started it! And I don’t even have any yarn!” And he suggested I use my lateness as an opportunity to study her and decide what her personal style was so that I could make the perfect sweater for her. (Smart boy.)

So the last thing I remember from the dream was thinking hard about the “perfect” sweater for this woman who, in all honesty, resembled me! Guess it’s time to find a pattern for a really good sweater–not some simple stockinette thing, that’s for sure.

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  1. Olga says:

    hi, Minty! well, i couldn’t find your email address, so forgive me posting about this here, but i wanted to say in response to your comment on my blog that isn’t it funny how people demand to peg you as *something*? especially when it’s ambiguous as to what you might be. and also, your cousins being mistaken for native american and latino….well, both share asian ancestors if you think about the original settlers of this here continent. so yeah, i guess it kinda makes sense, me being mistaken for asian and your cousins for latinos!

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