new york vs. not new york

Let’s see if you guys can spot the locations. Tricky test . . .

1. A roach crawls into your lap at dinner.
Yes, an honest-to-goodness, 1.5-inch long cockroach appears on your lap just moments after your food is served. So: Did this happen in New York City? Perhaps in the Lower East Side? If you said, “Yes,” you win! A roach did show up in my lap on Friday night. I was able to pick up my napkin (nicely layed out on my lap) and shake the beast off onto the floor. Everyone was grossed out, but it was no big surprise, and we dug into our food (quite good; I’m kind of amazed I got through it).

2. You knit in a car.
A car, not a taxi. Not a subway. And not a bus. A car, driven by someone you know. Does this happen in the city? I suppose it can to some people, but not to me. This was definitely NOT a New York event.

zephirine socks

Do you like them? I kind of love these socks. They’re my latest design, and they’re a gift for the boy’s youngest sister. I’ve even got a name for them already: Zephirine. I picked the name because the lace panel I used reminded me of a rose, the delightfully pink yarn (actually, peony) was like a rose, and Zephirine is the name of a kind of rose.

zephirine toe

The pattern will be available soon. I’ve cast on for the second sock, am taking better notes, and will be debuting an FO soon.

3. In order to open the oven door fully, you are required to open the refrigerator.
I know, I know, this one is really hard. Because it’s really common in spacious homes to have to maneuver your way around every little thing like this. Because in the suburbs or, hell, any other city in the States, existing in miniscule places is soooo common.

oh, you new york apartment

Oh, come on, it’s a New York thing! You knew it all along. I hope it’s clear in the picture the several-inch overlap I’ve got going here.

4. You go to a “sporting goods store” and find yourself in what amounts to a museum of hunting.

at cabela's

Crazy to think this isn’t NYC, huh?? Wow, was this nowhere near or like New York, in every way. The place is incredible. It’s enormous. Think of the biggest LL Bean you’ve been to, and then add space for displays of animals set in a “natural” setting–with live fish in moving water. There were zebras, an elephant, crocodiles, lions, gazelles, a moose, bears, wild turkeys, muskox, polar bears, badgers, beavers, and deer, deer, and more deer. My friend knew I’d get a kick out of the absurdity of it, so we stopped at Cabela’s on our way to visit a friend.

Thanks for playing my little game. How’d YOU do at answering the questions?

23 Responses to new york vs. not new york

  1. Liz K says:

    I have to admit that my first apartment in Richmond not only required a similar maneuver to open to oven, but the single drawer in the entire kitchen opened only two inches, no matter what you did.

    And it was full of roaches. Eek!

  2. knittingphilistine says:

    HaHa…let me just add that one of my past apartments was so teensy that the refridgerator was a dorm-sized one *and* it was located beneath the stove. That’s right. I had *no* oven. Where the oven was supposed to be was my fridge. I only had a two-burner stove top. On top of my fridge. Weirdest space-saving maneuver ever. And very inconvenient, I might add. Great post.

  3. Tamar says:

    1. Nasty, but at least it was a roach and not a rodent. I would still be starving. Oh, and Yph “that mess is all yours” Lelkes-yeah, he has mice again.
    2. Did I ever tell you about my sister’s apartment in Paris? It had no oven, and the bathroom door opened right into the bed. It was the maid’s quarters at some richy place. She was only allowed to walk up the back stairs.
    3. I miss you. A lot.

  4. Veronique says:

    Having a hard time adjusting, huh? :)
    By the way, once you’re sick of teeny tiny apartments and exorbitant rents, come visit Brooklyn!.
    You got me on the last question!

  5. Mia says:

    I didn’t even try! But that having to open the refrigerator to use your oven is just weird!

    And I love the news sock. I will be patiently waiting to see the finished pattern.

  6. Ashley says:

    EW EW ROACH EW. Roaches are one of the very big things on my “Things I Don’t Miss At All About Texas” list. They call them “palmetto bugs” there to try to lull you into thinking that they are not roaches, but they are. And why you eat outside, they land on the table a lot. They are nobody’s friend.

  7. Meg says:

    Here in Oz I have learned to only be grossed out by the ‘non-native cockies’. The natives I can just about live with.

    There is a Cabela’s in my home town which I have never seen but which has been described in hushed tones to me by those who have been there. Sounds very strange indeed. Thanks for the photos!

  8. Rachel says:

    Lovely socks! I particularly like the yarn — just enough variegation to add interest, but not enough really to justify the term variegation, really.

    Glad to hear you’re able to take the roaches in stride, though I hope they don’t become too central an aspect of your life in NYC.

  9. Jessica says:

    LOL! Well, the cockroach thing – not so funny. But the stove reminds me of an apartment I had outside New Haven that I couldn’t have knobs on the drawers because I couldn’t open the stove otherwise. Beautiful new sock too! :)

  10. LoveStrong says:

    I can’t say anything about the roach ~ like ‘that never happened to me in Philly’ ~ because the moment I say that, it will.

    Love the sock! I haven’t made it that far yet (to making socks, I mean) but they are certainly on my ‘must-attempt in knitting’ list.

    Oh, and I laughed about the oven/fridge pic, not only because of the silly design flaw, but also because I appreciated your choice of beer. :)

  11. laura says:

    lovely socks! can’t wait to see the pattern! :)

    also, i must say that #1 could certainly happen to a person in DC. i would not have been surprised to see roaches in some of the restaurants i frequented (and also enjoyed) in georgetown and adams morgan.

  12. John says:

    Erin, I completely thought that picture of you and the bison was taken at the NYC Museum of Natural History—though I am heartened to see that Cabela’s holds their displays up to such a high standard.

    Re: oven-opening, mine opens about 80 degrees and then hits a heating pipe, making extracting things from the lower rack a bit of an adventure.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. gleek says:

    hahaha! that whole refrigerator/freezer thing is SOOOO new york. personally, i’m surprised that your oven works! half the apartments i’ve either lived in or been to in NYC have broken ovens :)

    happy thanksgiving!

  14. TGF says:

    I went to the flagship Cabela’s store in Nebraska on a drive from Denver to Omaha. It was -gigantic-, it could be a mall by itself. I don’t think there were as many displays, but that’s not too surprising – gotta show off for NYC!

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