curse you, spammers!

I think all bloggers agree: We live for comments. We would roll around naked in comments if such a thing were physically possible and/or actually pleasurable. We want comments on every post, every sneeze, every stitch, the works. We hope that particular posts will strike a chord, will elicit smiles, or even spark a discussion. We read every last line of our site stats, but when we see a pleasant spike in visitors we merely say, “but you couldn’t leave me a comment!?” We always–always–wish we got more comments.

Until we wish we didn’t.

I’ve been hit with an inordinate amount of spam this evening–stuff my trusty Akismet isn’t picking up. So I’ve had to set all comments to await my approval (though I think if you have an already approved comment, it’ll let you through). According to Akismet, it “learns” what new spam exists and starts to catch on. I wish it were a slightly faster learner! All the spam tonight has been of the same ilk, so I can’t believe it hasn’t figured it out yet. Sigh. Such a pain in the butt.

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  1. Ashley says:

    That sucks–I’ve been getting (or seeing, anyway) almost no spam since I installed akismet. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come for me. Have you been updating the “suspicious words” feature of wordpress?

  2. Meredith says:

    Spam sucks, plain and simple. My sympathies are with you on this one for sure. I’ve been lucky so far with my blog, but I’m honestly not sure why. Hope it improves with Akismet!!

  3. Kristy says:

    Because of your post, I went back and made sure I commented on some of the blogs I read this morning. I’m new to reading blogs, and sometimes a little shy :)

    Sorry you’re having so many problems with spam!

  4. TGF says:

    Generic non-spam comment.

    Seriously, this is what the captcha is supposed to prevent. That’s the number that’s required to be entered before making a post, which is supposely unreadable by spam bots. Apparently, it is.

  5. Karen O says:

    Uh-oh – busted. I’m a non knitting lurker and I’ve been reading (and enjoying!) without commenting. In my defense, I AM the mother, daughter-in-law and niece of knitters and a big fan of things made by hand. My daughter introduced me to the world of knit bloggers and I’m blown away by the good writing on SO many of them. So – why no comments? Not sure – I have no knitting expertise to add, but I realize that the blog entries I enjoy the most usually have little to do with knitting. OK then, now that I’ve outed myself, I will try to chime in every now and then!

  6. Rachel says:

    Pausing my naked comment rolling just long enough to say that I bet this little spate of comment spam will pass — I’ve had occasional bursts that have gotten through Akismet as well, and it has always subsided. I definitely hope it does for you, because nothing is more annoying than thinking someone has emailed you, but then discovering that you are actually being notified that someone wants to make you aware of the many options for discount printer cartridges available to you.

  7. Knitting Bandit says:

    I’m glad I stopped by your blog tonight. I was actually going to remove that little boxy thingamajig requirement on my blog because
    sometimes it drives me nuts when I’m trying to leave a comment and I have to enter the code a cople of times. Makes me wonder whats wrong with my brain! I didn’t think it was really a big deal. Guess I’ll leave it place.

  8. Meg says:

    You have absolutely hit the nail on the head with summing up our love of comments! All too often, I am guilty of having ‘just a quick read’; I’m going to try to improve my comment rate from now on!

  9. Specs says:

    Hey! I’ve never gotten spammy comments. I guess my little gray blog isn’t interesting enough for spammers.

    I’ll be in the corner, feeling lonely, if anyone needs me.

  10. Lolly says:

    Oh comments! :) Yes, we love them!
    I have gotten a large number of spam comments in my Akismet lately… it was catching most, but some were making into “In Moderation”.

    Have a good one, girl.

  11. MeBeth says:

    Sorry to hear you are so plagued by the spam. Are you sure it’s spam? Maybe everyone reading your knitting blog just thinks you are poorly endowed and/or losing your hair and/or loooove to gamble?

  12. Barbp says:

    Hi my first time by and found you via Jessica. Sorry you’re having the s word problem. I know as soon as I say anything about it well you know. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  13. Bossygirl says:

    You’re right on the money. I like to think that I’m confident enough to forge ahead without worrying about what others think, but waiting for comments on my blog borders on obsession! Since when did I care that much about knowing what people think about what I babble about? Blogging…a goofy little phenomenon for so many reasons. :-)

  14. twig says:

    Akismet didn’t work very well for me when it came to track back spam. I switched over to Spam Karma 2 (I won’t put a link to it here so that my message won’t be flagged as spam but there is a link at the very very very bottom of my blog.) It’s done a phenomenal job for me. Only a few spam have gotten through — maybe 5 — since I’ve been using it and it’s caught over 500.

    Nope I’m not affiliated with them in anyway. It just made me really happy not to get 12 spam in 10 minutes finally.

  15. JessaLu says:

    ugh, I hate spam – and thankfully the spam blocking thing I have on my blog works like a charm (unfortunately, sometimes it works *too* well and friends get blocked).

    I totally agree with you re: getting comments ;o)

    (came here from Zarzeula’s blog…)

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