gifted and talented

Growing up, the accelerated class track was called “gifted and talented.” Yesterday, I was gifted by talented folks!

Ashley and Rachel got to talking and decided to make me a CD of all cheerful, happy music. Look how happy it is, it shows it right on the CD case!

happy music cd

I would tell you some of the songs, except I left the CD at home and I’m still at the office right now. But suffice it to say that I’m sure this will be the only CD I will be able to listen to for a while–music is just so dangerous these days!

Rachel, who mailed me the CD, included a lovely card (which I didn’t take a picture of), and this cute thing:

tiny sock keychain

Computer as background for a sense of scale. It’s a keychain! She knitted the little sock. It’s absolutely adorable. I actually have a friend visiting, and was completely lacking a keychain to put the spare keys on. Now I do! It’s beyond cute.

Yesterday was really a crazy day for packages. Because I also got a package from Ashley! This one featuring an adorable card with funky string closure and a hug in a padded envelope–and what a luscious hug it is.

neck warmer

One of her patented* neck hugs. Mine’s in the same delicious yarn, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, as the one the link leads you to, in the same perfectly Minty color (excuse the yellowish light in my bathroom; it’s the brightest room in the apartment though). It’s not cold enough to wear it today (why is it back in the 50s? Remember late last week when we thought winter had arrived?), but I will get plenty of use out of it in the new year, I’m sure.

I was so touched by the sweetness of my blogger friends. I’m like Tai in Clueless, when they propose blowing off “7th and 8th” and going to see the “new Christian Slater,” and she says “Oh, you guys!” But you really have to hear it the way Brittany Murphy says it in that scene. It’s squeaky and very cute, and with the arrival of every package I say it to myself.

In other gifting news, I received the Adrienne Vittadini pattern book for the Allegra top (yay!), and Christmas presents from my mom’s brothers’ families. I can’t resist opening a Christmas present when it arrives, so here’s a peek at some of those goodies:

twinkle pillow

a little pillow that has a string to be hung (also a bar of lavender soap, which I neglected to photograph)

gift wreath!

an amazing wreath, which smells amazing.

Not to be outdone, my houseguest went on a secret trip to get me a wreath and some pine fronds as well (before the wreath from my aunt and uncle arrived). I now have two wreathes in my home–me! I’ve not decorated for the holidays in 7 years! (I got a tree my very first year living alone.) My apartment smells amazing.

pine fronds

Note the apron my mom gave me at Thanskgiving: “Amateur chef, professional knitter.” Ha!

Thanks to everyone! It really brightened my Monday.

*Ok, she doesn’t really have the patent on this. But she’s the only person I know who makes them!

19 Responses to gifted and talented

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey, I may not have the patent, but I do have the copyright! I\’m glad it got there–and it looks so Christmassy next to your gorgeous wreath(s) and branches. I\’m looking a little sadly at my fake, non-aromatic tree now.

    Re: the CD, Rachel should get full credit–I just emailed her a couple of songs she didn\’t have. She did all the hard compiling, arranging, and labeling! Not to mention the tiny sock knitting, which–adorable!

    And for the record, I can totally hear Brittany Murphy saying \”you GUYS!\” in my head. Love that scene! Next time I\’m in NYC, well, we may not go see any Christian Slater movies, but we can totally blow off 7th and 8th periods for a carbfest at the mall.

  2. rfx1982 says:

    I found your blog through a post on Lolly’s Soctoberfest page – someone shared a picture of compleated anastasia’s, and I had to make them. I am about half way done with the first one, and I love the pattern. So far, I am a fan of your blog as well.

  3. Kristy says:

    What a great day for packages! It would have my day to get any one of those :) (I did get a package with some Socks that Rock yarn that I ordered yesterday, and that was enough to make my day, too)

    I love the tiny sock…. I’ll have to try that with some of my leftover yarn. And I’d love to hear what’s on your cheerful music CD. Cheerful is the best kind of music.

  4. Rachel says:

    Ooh, look at that great neck hug! I totally want one.

    Glad you enjoyed the little gifts — that’s what friends are for, right? (For cheering you up when you’re sad, I mean, not for the increased acquisition of material goods, although that’s nice too.) Why should blog friends be any different?

    Be warm and cheerful and…umm…well keychained!

  5. Mom says:

    This is going to be a wonderful holiday season for you :) Sometimes you just don’t realize how many wonderful, caring people are out there who share this same planet with you! I love the gifts, I love the “neck hug”, and it’s darling on you, even in your funny bathroom. We’re getting the tree ready for you… and the bells that signal Santa is on his way.
    kiss-kiss :)

  6. Amanda says:

    I’m so envious of your piney New York apartment! Good for you for decorating and celebrating the season – coming home to presents, happy music and a piney decor would surely lift anyone’s spirits! And red is definitely your color – the neck hug is fab!

  7. MeBeth says:

    What great gifties – the neck hug will definitely be useful soon (as soon as this weather cools off – I’m ready for winter!) and it looks great. You’ve inspired me to go out today and get a wreath or something, my apartment has zero holiday spirit right now.

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