just because i’m determined

Or, just because I’m insane.

Or, just because I’m a show-off.

Or, just because it started to be a game.

Or, just because there’s no possible way I’ll keep this up after tonight, but I had to at least try!

That’s right folks. FOUR finished objects in FOUR DAYS. Is this a PR? Oh yeah. I’m no marathoner like my dad, but this was a knitting marathon, of sorts.


Pattern: Mr. Stegs

Yarn: KnitPicks Crayon in green, with blue for the eyes and mouth
Needles: KnitPicks size 3 circ for the body and legs, KnitPicks size 1 circ for the plates down his back.
Started: I’m not entirely sure. A few weeks ago, soon after a friend revealed she’s pregnant with twins. Actually, right before I started the green socks, because back then I talked about knitting something else green. So . . . January 18?
Finished: February 6.
For: One of the twins referenced above.
Modifications: I am not one for seaming, so I knit the body and the legs in the round, stuffing as I went. This made it far faster and more fun; you can see it take shape as you go. I knit each leg as a simple tube that I decreased for one round and drew it through (like the top of a hat). The plates caused me some trouble, because I considered making it more “accurate” by doing two rows of plates and offsetting them, but then I came to my senses and did what the pattern called for. It’s knit as a simple piece and sewed on, and though I toyed with the idea of picking up stitches down the guy’s back, I managed to come to my senses on this point also, and sewed it on (which took no time at all). The pattern said 8 plates, but I got through 7 and measured it along its back and that was enough. (I did this on the bus; a middle-aged man standing nearby eagerly asked “is that a dinosaur!?” and I was really happy he could tell right away. He even said “I could tell right away; it really looks like one!”)

As for other modifications . . . because I used my own yarn and needles, I went by look and feel more than pattern in a few cases, including the length of the legs (not sure what they’re supposed to be, but I liked a little squatter, and it stands up on them just fine), and the height of the plates (in the pattern, 5 stitches wide at their widest, but for this yarn, I felt 6 was better. I could maybe have gone higher, but it’s fine). Oh, and I didn’t do the tail spikes because the yarn just doesn’t hold up to that.

I love him. Adorable. I’ll make a triceratops to match so each of the twins gets a dinosaur. Yay for knitting for twin babies!

And a big Yay for finishing! This is the most satisfying feeling. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement! (Tomorrow I’m going out to dinner, so there’s just no way. It’s going to be a while before anything else hits FO status.)

Oh, and this all does a lot for my stashbusting, which is another awesome feeling.

25 Responses to just because i’m determined

  1. Ashley says:

    You are a total showoff ;) Aren’t you the girl who, just before Christmas, was expressing her undying envy over all my FOs? Ah, how the worm turns. Love the Stegs–I need to knit a set of those guys for my nephew.

  2. kristen says:

    Oh, now THAT’S cute.
    I do hate me some finishing, but I agree that it makes the biggest difference to know that you’re COMPLETELY done with something.

  3. Jenn says:

    I love the dino patterns – they are so cute and fast! When I made both of my mr. stegs I only made seven ridges for the back too – there’s no way I could have fit 8. And I left off the spikes as well – I think he looks plenty cute the way he is!
    Maybe you could go to dinner a few more times this week to give the rest of us time to catch up! :)

  4. Christy / Not Hip says:

    congrats on finishing the marathon. Does this mean that you qualify for the Boston marathon? Very impressive. I had wanted to comment on the lovely colors of the socks also, but you kept putting up posts so fast ;)

  5. Liz K says:

    Dayum, girl, you are productive lately! What a cute stegs. My Pepe would so love one, but every time I find his Bronty under his bed, I think not!

    Hooray for little stashbusters too! I just love using up those oddballs. It feels so very virtuous and resourceful.

  6. Rachel says:

    Hmm. Given that I like maximal anatomical accuracy in my greet cotton knitted dinosaurs, I’m a little disappointed that you decided against the double plates.

    And what, may I ask, do you have against the brontosaurus?

    Gripes aside, that is a damn cute little FO. I have bookmarked the pattern.

    Can she go 5 for 5, folks? Can she do it? Tune in tomorrow to find out….

  7. nova says:

    Knitting and stuffing in the round, I love it! And of course he is so cute. I think every marathoner in entitled to a break every once and a while!

  8. Penelope says:

    You are knitting to beat the band! (I have no idea what that means…) Thanks for the link to the cute patterns–one can only knit so many teddy bears.

  9. Specs says:

    I love stegs! I made one last summer but sadly understuffed her legs, so now she sits forlornly atop my printer. Yours looks much perkier than mine :)

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