lamentation, speculation, jubilation

A three-part post, in which I fear the loss of something dear, I think about replacing them, but I find them, so I don’t bother making anything new.

1. Lamentation.
On the bus this morning, when I went to put my knitting back in my bag, I discovered, much to my horror, that only one mitten was present and accounted for. I had shoved them into my bag but not worn them to the bus stop, and I could have lost it at any point along the walk–I got out the iPod, futzed, etc. I was so sad; these mittens, my Manly Mitts, have been hard workers since I made them a year and a half ago. This was their FO shot.

manly mitts

2. Speculation.
At the prospect of not having anything more than a crappy pair of gloves I knit two years ago that I don’t find especially warm, I started thinking about my next pair of mittens. People are all into the Anemenoi pattern, or however that’s spelled, but I’m not paying for a pattern that I can easily make up and customize to myself. And after all, I could just apply a new design to the Manly Mitts structure and I’d be perfectly happy. In fact, a long time ago I bought some light blue and some dark brown Lana Wool Gatto with the intention of making a hat, and I never did that, so why not use it in mittens?

blogging is the new archiving

3. Jubilation!
I got home around 9 tonight, and what greeted my weary eyes? Oh, but one of the happiest sights ever!

not just a long narrow hallway

Can you see it? Just sort of a blob sticking out into the path, on the left, near the middle? It’s small in this shot, but I wanted to capture exactly what I was looking at when I opened the door. Because even just this glance made my heart leap with joy. (Yes, yes, I have a looong and narrow hallway, I know, I know.) It’s my other mitten! It must have fallen out as I was getting ready in the morning–I’d not had both on me at all today!

But now I’m not sure what to do. I kind of got into the idea of a new pair. And I do need to use up the stash–but do I need two pairs of mittens? I could give the Manly Mitts away; they’re in very good shape. I’ve never been thrilled with the colors of them when paired with my coat . . .

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  1. Meredith says:

    Hmmm, I’d go ahead and make another pair. Why not give yourself choice in mitten wearing. Besides, the light blue and chocolate brown will look fantastic knitted up together! Go nuts, indulge! You will be another pair of mittens richer in the end.

  2. Liz K says:

    Definitely make more mittens, I say. The colors you picked are gorgeous, and I’d love to see what you come up with, to riff off the Anemoi design. You could always donate the found mitts to Dulaan. You know, the universe returned them to you; you can return them to the universe now.

  3. Annie says:

    Are you kidding me? Make the mittens! The world NEEDS more mittens! I have 3 sets of mittens waiting to be knit – but I’ve already explained my silly stash on my blog. Knit woman, KNIT!

  4. Jennie says:

    I agree with everyone else — there’s no such thing as too many mittens. You never know — some time the universe might decide NOT to return the mitten… or you might have an out of town guest with cold fingers. I love the colors for the new mittens… can’t wait to see what you do!


  5. Jessica Rose says:

    Knit the mittens. I love your designs and got so excited with the thought of you making mittens. The colors you picked are fantastic. And having more than one pair of mittens can be fun, and then like you said you could always gift the other pair, if having two bothers you. People always love mittens. They are very practical.

    also can’t wait to see the finished socks, from your previous post. I knit your Zokni socks for a friend and they were fantastic (she loves them too hehe), and I have yarn for your anastasia socks (just haven’t gotten around to knitting them yet).

  6. gleek says:

    huzzah! the mitten lives! of course you can have another pair. you can never have too many mittens, scarves, shawls, sweaters, etc. you can wear different mittens on different days depending on your mood. i certainly don’t see anything wrong with that!

  7. Kelly says:

    Yay! you found it. Losing a mitten (sock, any part of a knitted pair) is a big fear for me.

    I say make the other mittens. your old ones can be your “play” mittens. Plus, you really need to make some pretty colorwork with that yarn combo.

  8. knittingphilistine says:

    Phew! Double phew! There’s nothing more sad than a lost knit. Especially when it’s from a pair. And I’ve not yet seen that mitten pattern… I heart it. And I’m with modjac, feel free to knit up those mitts with that fab yarn and send them on over here… ;o)

  9. nova says:

    KNIT MORE MITTENS! I am happy for the found mitt and everything, but really, you have the yarn and ingenuity, my vote is more mittens… But I am biased, of course.

  10. Feed Dog says:

    I remember those mittens! I was so sad they’d been parted from each other. Hurrah for a happy ending!

    Have to agree with everybody else commenting–two pairs of mittens means you can choose whichever one suits your mood.

  11. Kristy says:

    I’m so happy you found your mitten. That’s the best feeling :)

    I LOVE the colors for the (possible) new mitten. You should make another pair, of course! You’ll figure out what to do with both pairs by the time you’re done.

  12. Oiyi says:

    So happy for you that you found it! I know how it feels to lose a handknit. I lost the first scarf I ever made and then the next year lost a scarf that I crocheted. They are lost forever.

    I love the colors for the new mittens and I think that you should knit it.

  13. Lolly says:

    Great post! you had me in a lurch! I was hoping it would be at your apt! :) Glad it was.
    Why not – be decadent and make another pair of mittens!

  14. Jenn says:

    More mittens! I love the blue/brown color combo!
    I’m glad you found your little lost mitten, but who wouldn’t want a new pair of mittens?

  15. Specs says:

    More mittens! I used to have a basked full of mittens that I cranked out one winter, but they’ve all disappeared somewhere between three different cities. Anyway, I recommend keeping two pairs around in case something like this happens again.

  16. Rachel says:

    I hardly think two pairs of mittens is excessive. It’ll be nice to have options in the morning! And don’t give the manly mitts away unless you really want to — you never know what your next coat will look like.

  17. Casey says:

    You should totally make new mittens! that’s awesome that you didn’t really lose your mitten but should you ever lose one for real someday, a second pair would come in very handy!

  18. Stef says:

    Man, I think I felt MY heart lurch when you rediscovered those mittens at the end of the post.

    I think I know why you need a second pair, and the reason is not decadence or choosiness– it is to leave one pair at work. Especially, ESPECIALLY if you take public transportation or work the occasional late night, you’re going to find sometimes that it’s a little colder than you bargained for. If you skipped the mittens on the way out, you’ll have a pair waiting to go home with you.

    I bike to work, so I keep a Calorimetry in the office to substitute for the Coif I keep at home. It’s been *extremely* useful in the last couple of weeks.

  19. Add Knitter says:

    I know that feeling of relief as well, I thought I had lost my grade book yesterday and had panicky ‘i’m so fired’ dreams and it was on the floor of my office when I unlocked it this morning.

    So glad we both had happy outcomes! But I agree with the others, you need an on-deck pair to pinch hit in an emergency…

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