lost and found

LOST: Knitting mojo.

Sunday night, after posting the contest results, I was finishing up the first stockinette sock done with my Claudia Handpainted sock yarn. Usually when I get to the top of the first sock I put it on scrap yarn, just in case the skeins aren’t exactly the same length. This time, however, I decided it was silly–“the socks are just for me! they’ll be close enough!”–so I applied the EZ sewn bindoff. When I went to try the finished socks on, I discovered to my dismay that the cuff was too tight, cutting across the widest part of my calf.

Sigh. Time to take it out. I got 1/3 of the way around the cuff and . . . Just. Lost. Interest. I cast it aside and didn’t touch any knitting again until Thursday. I definitely haven’t touched that sock again. I even lost the urge to blog.

I was worried. Where had my mojo gone? Was it the sock rut that killed me? Since Leyburn, I’ve knit 4 socks (one pair, two individuals, none blogged). I was cranking them out fast, and I think that just ruined it for me. I need to do something else. I ordered a cross-stitch kit, but that’s not here yet despite my intense desire for it to get here already being psychically emitted into the universe (it shipped on Tuesday. WHERE IS IT?). I also found a knitting project I really want to make. A project that requires picking colors and buying yarn. Still, the mojo wasn’t back enough to really get me going.

But last night was Represent!, and I went with, what, 650+ other knitters to FIT to see the Yarn Harlot speak. Rachel was in town for business, so saved us seats among those reserved for Sit ‘n’ Knit New Yorkers. (Rachel joined the group just to RSVP for this event. Anne-Marie, who had her first baby less than a week ago [her name is Anastasia!], was amazing enough to arrange for reserved seating for us. Thanks!) So we were in the second row. Jessica and Kristy stopped by to say Hi to me, which was so nice, and I must apologize for my scattered mood–I’d just arrived, I felt like I was late, and I was trying to get a picture of what felt like mayhem. There were so many people!

minty + rachel

As others have reported, there was yarny goodness awaiting each of us. Needles, a ball of Patons SWS, and an entreaty to knit a blanket square for Warm up America. HERE’S where my mojo came flooding back.

No, not because of the charity knitting. Not because of the communal knitting (though I enjoyed that; everyone was clicking away!). It was the challenge. Can you finish a 7 x 9 square before the Yarn Harlot is done talking? When you have no idea how long she’s planning to speak?



I cast on and whipped up a blanket square. While working on it, we all listened to Stephanie’s well written and nicely delivered talk, about the relationship between knitters and the rest of the world. The yarn cited a 5 st/in gauge, but with the called-for 35 stitches, mine turned out more like 8 inches wide. I figure these things can be fudged with seaming. I did seed stitch, which I love.

my swatch

I finished, and then I got antsy. So Rachel shoved her half-knit square at me, like a mother attempting to keep her bratty child quiet and occupied, and I completed the garter stitch version. (I am fascinated by the vagaries of individual gauge. My stitches turned out taller and narower than hers.)

rachel and i gave birth to a blanket square!

I twiddled my thumbs once it was done, but by then it was clear Stephanie was nearly done talking. Though if I’d started another when the “Q” & A started, I’d have finished another, because that dragged on and on and on. But whatever, it got me itching to knit. I’m going to order yarn tomorrow.

So, FOUND: Knitting mojo! Thanks, Yarn Harlot!

More about the return of knitting mojo, the contest prizes, and meeting more bloggers coming up soon. Like, tomorrow.

16 Responses to lost and found

  1. laura says:

    I am insanely envious of you for (1) being at that event (2) with Rachel and other bloggers and (3) knitting that damn fast. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Rachel says:

    Minty is being far too generous to me. The antsy child in this scenario was yours truly, who had started a square and, like a kid who begs to have a puppy and swears she’ll walk it every day, grew tired of it and failed to follow through on her responsibility, forcing her parents (in this case Minty) to take care of the dog (in this case finish the blanket square). Minty was keeping ME quiet by taking it over without complaint so I could knit my socks instead. But she’s very nice to pretend otherwise.

  3. Elinor says:

    Glad your mojo returned but it sure sucks about that sock! Ugh. I hate taking binding out. Sewn is even worse! Good luck with it!

    I’m so jealous you got to be with a MOB OF KNITTERS! It must have been so much fun!

  4. Liz K says:

    No wonder you knit so many socks. You are a fast knitter, girl! It looks like you had a ball. I am looking forward to a YH stop in Philly on this book tour.

  5. Specs says:

    Woo hoo! Welcome back!

    I was all excited today because I finished a sock in a week (usually I’m busier, I knit slower, the pattern’s more complicated, etc), and I was thinking “aw yeah, I went all Minty-knitting-ninja on this sock.” And then I remembered that you finished a pair in a week, not a single sock. Sigh. For a moment there I felt so cool.

  6. Annie says:

    Happy to help with seating! Just wish I could have been there. And DAMN, you knit fast! Curious to see what your renewed mojo will whip up next…

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