just a little somethin’ sweet

Since finishing Swallowtail, I haven’t been exactly sure what I wanted to knit next. I swatched for Sahara, and once I did I recalled my intention to knit it with a different gauge, which as you know means extensive math, and well: not in the mood. I decided that doubling the yarn for the Cabled Bandeau is not being true to the yarn, so I’m going to frog that entirely and find new yarn to make it out of. I started designing a new pair of socks, but the Koigu felt really thick and rough compared with the laceweight I used for Swallowtail and the luscious Tess Silk & Ivory I was using for Sahara. I wanted something light, something sweet, something that would feel good to work on and brighten my day. I wanted to work with some soft sock yarn, like the Lisa Souza Sock!Merino. So I did.

ipod cozy

A New iPod Cozy
My own
Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock!Merino in Peacock
Needles: US 1 Knitpicks Circs (used Magic Loop)
Started: 8pm, Sunday June 3
Finished: 10pm, Sunday, June 3
Movie Watched: Ocean’s Eleven, on TBS

I’m very happy with this FO. So fast, so easy, so practical, and feels like a vast improvement over my last iPod cozy, though that one served me well. In fact, I think I had that iPod cozy for two and a half years. Here it is, in a photo taken a year and a half ago, when it was a year old.

my ipod cozy

That was knit using an acrylic yarn that actually had some sparkle, which I felt was appropriate for the iPod what with it being white and all. But it’s become really dirty, and stretched out, and though it still functioned fine, I wanted something shiny and new.

ipod cozy

This was a great use of leftover sock yarn–used very little yarn. I love the color (this yarn was used to make my top-down+toe-up pair of Pomatomus) and having this in my bag today brought a smile to my face. I used the same “pattern” that I made up for the first one, using moss stitch for the flap and top edging and a bobble for the closure, but of course I adjusted for gauge. Mostly I decided how many stitches to cast on (46 stitches total), used magic cast-on, and knit a tube using Magic Loop. To make the holes for the earphones and the bobble, I cast one stitch off in the middle and on the next row did a yo to both create a stitch and increase the size of the hole. I know current iPods don’t have the earphones come out the middle of the top like that, so you may not even need to know how I did it!

Unfortunately, knitting something so fast means I’m back to trying to decide what to knit next!

ipod cozy

Photos taken on the penthouse patio of the woman who hosted the alumnae board meeting I attended tonight on the Upper East Side. I can only dream of someday living in a place like that!

26 Responses to just a little somethin’ sweet

  1. Annie says:

    Yo, I’ve been itching to knit a Nano cozy, a treo cozy, a camera cozy…it’s been like, a year. I guess my gadgets are going naked.

    I like yours, the color is cheery and suits the clean white of all things mac. Go you!

  2. Christine says:

    very nice!I love that color! I’ve been meaning to knit one myself:~)
    I love the UES, except not to live there…I had an apartment there for a while, but the tiny space along with the never ending firetrucks and police cars made me look for other boroughs! I’m very happy here in Queens:~) What a great view though!

  3. nova says:

    Cute! I just made a sweater for the kid in that same color (I think), I like Peacock much better than Pine Green…I am going with Peacock. Maybe I should knit a cozy for my i-pod, I think it wants one.

  4. elizabeth says:

    That’s awesome. I just love the color!

    I don’t have an iPod anymore (my laptop ate three…) but maybe I’ll make a digital camera cozy.

  5. Kristi says:

    What a cute little cozy, love that bright color.
    That Sahara sweater is beautiful should be interesting to see what you do with it.

  6. knittingphilistine says:

    This is too cute! And only 2 hours to knit! I totally need more projects like that… this darn Giotto pattern is kicking my butt. And taking far too long to knit. Can’t wait to see you this weekend! (emailing you about that now…)

  7. Katie says:

    I understand the knit project waffling ~ I get that a LOT. The other part of the time, I want to knit EVERYTHING (like now ~ I can’t stop casting on!) Love the cozy, wonderful color and a great use for leftover sock yarn (hmmmmm…)

  8. Brill says:

    W/r/t getting worn out, what about knitting this and then felting it? It would probably last longer, and can’t felt be spot-cleaned? or maybe I’m hallucinating.

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