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Jennie was the mastermind behind Sound Swap–my very first swap. I don’t even know why I was inspired to participate–I’m not some huge music junkie–but I’m really glad I did.

First, making my own mix was a lot of fun (and a decent amount of work!). I was making the mix for Sprite, who had said in her questionnaire that she liked pretty much anything, so that was no help. I decided to make a mix of songs that were happy–things that made you want to dance around, tap your toe, or just sing your heart out. The easy way out would have been to burn a copy of the CD that Rachel made for me in the fall. But I’m no cheater! (So, ok, I used a few of the songs. I’m just a little cheater.) Here’s the mix I came up with.

  1. Sidewalk Chalk • The A-Sides
  2. If She Wants Me • Belle & Sebastian
  3. Here Comes My Baby • Cat Stevens
  4. Sing Me Spanish Techno • The New Pornographers
  5. Mushaboom • Feist
  6. On This Tidal Wave of Young Blood • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  7. Reno Dakota • The Magnetic Fields
  8. As Cool As I Am • Dar Williams
  9. Disco 2000 • Pulp
  10. Bottle Rocket • The Go! Team
  11. Wanna Be Starting Something • Michael Jackson
  12. Seven • Prince
  13. Heavy Metal Drummer • Wilco
  14. Such Great Heights • The Postal Service
  15. Forever My Friend • Ray LaMontagne
  16. Some Good Thing • The Wailin’ Jennies
  17. The Christmas Song • Adam Arcuragi

I wanted a mix of old and new, local (Philly) and big-name. I must admit I like this mix so much I’ve been listening to the playlist a lot myself. I bought some chocolates as well to round out the package, and Sprite let me know that she enjoyed it all.

But I had no idea what was in store for me, and, well, I will step it up should I participate in a future swap. Because Meg just blew me away.

First, go check out the blog post she wrote before she sent the package. If you read the comments, you’ll see that I even say, “I hope I’m the recipient!”–because she set it up as a mystery! The recipient would have to solve the mystery to receive the full prize. (Once you know the mystery, you’ll see that her whole post–including her 7 random things–is on topic.)

When the package arrived I was dancing around the office showing it off–I got a package! from Australia! from a swap partner, who just happens to be a blogger I’ve been reading for a while now! The inside of the CD case had a very familiar feel, but it was only when I got to the third “item” in the enumerated list (“Third: The minty treats are in the air. The one who finds the theme receives the . . .”) that it dawned on me.

Meg had made me a WESTING GAME CD.

I’ve mentioned the Westing Game more than once on this here blog, but I will repeat for any new folks: Favorite. Book. Ever. Meg knew this, of course, and customized the CD to feature all songs with directional titles. The result is an eclectic, funky mix that is excellent!

Once I emailed her to shriek and exclaim over the package, most importantly all the details (“clues” printed on slips of paper with part of each song name missing, the border made of lines of dots), Meg put a SECOND package in the mail to me that was full of yummy goodness.

minties! Australian magazine from Meg

Minties are like mint taffy (yum) and the magazine is the most awesome Australian food magazine (more yum)–I’m totally going to make that cover recipe.

Thank you so much Meg! This was a delightful swap experience–thanks for putting it together, Jennie! Here’s the mix Meg made for me:

  1. Uncle Sam Blues • Hot Tuna
  2. Southern Cross • Crosby, Stills & Nash
  3. Going Out West • Ash Grunwald
  4. Driving south • Stone Roses
  5. Goin’ Down South • Collard Greens and Gravy
  6. Go West • Pet Shop Boys
  7. Eastern Eyes • Nitin Sawhney
  8. North Part 2 • Afro Celt Sound Systerm
  9. West End Riot • The Living End
  10. Drivin’ South • Jimi Hendrix Experience
  11. Wild West • Corey Harris
  12. West Coast Blues • Oscar Peterson
  13. South • Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra
  14. East St. Louis Toodle-oo • Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
  15. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) • Sarah Vaughn
  16. South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) • Patsy Cline
  17. Gil from the North Country • Altan
  18. East to the West • Michael Franti & Spearhead
  19. Fireworks • Moby

11 Responses to sound swap

  1. stacey says:

    What an awesome package! And I followed your link to the Westing Game – I’m live just 20 minutes from UW-Madison – that type of small town coincidental stuff thrills me:)

  2. Meg says:

    I’m so glad you like the mix!! I was so excited when I found out you were my swapee because I instantly knew the problem of what theme to use was solved!

    I forgot to tell you that each Minties wrapper contains a little cartoon with something going humorously wrong for the protagonist with the line ‘It’s times like these…’ which is the old Minties catch phrase (It’s times like these you need Minties).

    I’m still waiting to receive my mix, but reading everyone else’s track lists are really whetting the appetite!!

  3. Rachel says:

    What a great swap! I think both you and your upstream swap partner did a great job.

    I’m glad to know you enjoyed some of the songs on the CD I sent you way back when (thanks for the additional shout-out, by the way!). If you like that Wailin’ Jennies song, I highly recommend that you get their full album Firecracker. It is basically my favorite album of all time. I listen to it constantly.

    I’m going to try to incorporate “It’s times like these you need Minty” into my life somehow.

  4. sprite says:

    Your cd was kick-ass and, as predicted, really does make cleaning a (somewhat) enjoyable experience. Thanks for being such a terrific cd-maker and swapper!

  5. Tamar says:

    So now you get to turn around and burn both cds for me :) Maybe I won’t be a swap partner (since we all know I’m no blogger), but I’ll send you something in return.
    I was away having a complicated, fun, and everything in between kind of weekend. I’ll call you back tomorrow.

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