whole lotta nothin’

I’ve been in and out of New York lately–Philly, Delaware–and then away on a business trip during the week last week. And I’ve barely been knitting. But happily that business trip (a workshop retreat) was in a gorgeous place. The Mohonk Mountainhouse in Mohonk, NY, was like something out of either The Shining or Dirty Dancing. I know those two movies aren’t usually confused, but believe me.

In between sessions one day, the group of us got in rowboats and floated around the lake. In my one free hour on the last full day, I bolted to the top of a mountain. It was amazing.


in the rowboat


view from above

Edited to add: Did I neglect to say that I want to go back here IMMEDIATELY and even LIVE HERE and I encourage you all go splurge on a stay ASAP? GO. I was eyeing the girls working the boat docks, thinking, “how much you think they make in a year?” Something came over me here, and I was totally at peace. I hope it has such an effect on everyone. (Note: I do not get kickbacks from this place. But if they wanted to comp me a weekend, I would not refuse! Hi, Mohonk People? Let me back in!)

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  1. Haley says:

    lovely photos! i was wondering where you had disappeared to. while you were MIA i started a blog. please check it out if you have an extra moment. thanks!

  2. Pink says:

    The lake looks beautiful…but the house does look kinda scary so I can see how you’d use The Shining and Dirty Dancing as examples of location…lol

  3. Liz K says:

    That looks like a whole lotta something, if you ask me. It is a good thing that a full life is keeping you from knitting. It’s not like your fingers are broken or something! You’re out and about, enjoying life!

    Um, but now, get knitting, girl!

  4. Heather says:

    Looks like a refreshing mountain retreat for sure, aren’t you glad you were there w/o knitting instead of a dingy, urban location w/ knitting?

  5. Ann says:

    I have got to go there! I sent Peter a link to the hotel and he’s trying very hard to find an excuse for us to get up there!

  6. Jessica says:

    *sigh* Sights of home. I grew up right near Mohonk and I’ve seriously been thinking that if I ever bite the bullet and decide to go get myself hitched, I’d probably want to do it there (providing I could afford it). Glad you had such a great time. That’s an area that would definitely be great for a summer/weekend place, but after a while you probably wouldn’t want to live there full time.

  7. jennie says:

    Oh, I love lakes. There *is* a total sense of peace there. i spent a lot of my childhood going to Lake George in the Adirondaks and it gave me the same sense of peace that you describe.

    Right now? Right now the water in those pictures is making me drool. it’s unbearably hot and still in philly right now. sigh…

  8. pamela wynne says:

    So beautiful! And haunted by the ghosts of Baby and Johnny (I’m ignoring The Shining). What more could you ask for? *Sighs, and packs for this weekend’s conference at some faceless hotel in the Chicago suburbs.*

  9. nanda says:

    my intern and his wife went there for their “babymoon.” they insist that babymoons are an actual thing and that they are as widespread as honeymoons, but i’m not buying it. anyway, they were talking about it for about a month and i’ve been jealous ever since.

  10. Rachel says:

    I’m glad you had such a great time — hooray! There could be worse things than quitting the rat race and working on a boat dock for a year. I bet the cost of living is lower! You could just have your low-stress job and then live cheaply knitting and bolting up mountains and stuff.

  11. Coleen says:

    I am seriously jealous. That place looks AMAZING. I have been drooling over their website. Someday, when I win the lottery, I will have to go there!

  12. penny says:

    My Firm once had their summer retreat there. No one wanted to leave! I spent the afternoon reading on the porch in the sun. It was beautiful and wonderful. I’m trying to convince the husband we should go and spend some time there. :)

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