Why did I not delve into the fiberlicious opportunities before! The lack of knitting content is easily masked by shots of pretty yarn. This is one of my most prettiest. Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Bamboo, 100% Bamboo, colorway 45C Koi Pond. Though it would have been appropriate to dunk the skein in a body of water and make it a fish, that’s not so “-licious.” Instead, I thought it looked like shiny, radiant, pretty jam.



It’s also appropriately firework-y; happy 4th of July!

13 Responses to fiberlicious!

  1. wendee says:

    Wow – that colorway is divine! I didn’t even notice the mixer until I glanced up at Ashley’s comment above. How hip is that?! I’d be mixin’ all day if I had a tangerine mixer!

  2. Rachel says:

    Or maybe some nice freshly squeezed juice from a blood orange? Either way, looks yummy! And I like your KitchenAid mixer too. Matt made us get plain old black.

  3. Brenda says:

    Beautiful jam yarn! It looks my mom’s sour cherry jam which is delicious. We have a beige mixer because it was my DH’s before we were married. So our mixer is dull compared to yours, but I did get a DH who cooks! BTW the ice cream maker attachment for the KitchenAid Mixer is worth every penny. Homemade sorbet–very yummy.

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