a single sock that’s actually a bad match

Finally! I’ve knit something, and I’m here to shout it from the rooftops. Look here, everyone!

single sock with sunset

This sock was begun on Thursday, and I finished it around 6 today (Monday). Anne-Marie and I decided fairly last minute to get together and knit over beer and burgers on Thursday, which meant I had to find some knitting in a jiffy. I dashed home from work, ran to my sock knitting basket, found a wound-up skein, dug around for needles–any appropriate socky size would do–and ran out the door. Oh, I managed to grab some waste yarn and a crochet hook too, so I could do my favorite provisional cast-on and short-row toe. Over dinner, I finished the toe and did a wee smidge of the foot.

365.241 • i gots the remedy

Simple stockinette means easy bus knitting, and I progressed a few more inches on the way to work on Friday. But I’ve got this cross-stitch project, and my obsession for that continues to grow–so in my down time during my parents’ visit this past weekend I worked on that (it’s gotten a lot farther than in that photo).

Until we decided to watch Amelie (cute!) last night. Darn those subtitles–cross-stitch is out of the question. But a stockinette sock is perfect! I decided, quite randomly, to do the Widdershins heel, so I had to look at the computer only a few times. I was way up the ankle by the end of the movie. This afternoon, after my parents left, I headed over to Central Park to enjoy the weather as I finished it up.

single sock with sunset

I have since uncovered the “matching” sock that this one should go with–it’s the one that killed my mojo last March and of which there is zero documentation. All I know about that one is that the cuff is unwearably tight. A quick glance at the first one and . . . the two don’t match at all. I didn’t take a picture of the original, but it was clearly knit on a different size needle. Don’t know what size. It also appears that I did some shaping, which didn’t surprise me, but today I did shaping of a completely different sort without any regard to the first one. Oh, and I knew full well that the original sock was a short-row heel, but I was going to just have socks with character.

single sock with sunset

With all these differences, though, I think the original one will be redone, complete with a matching heel. I’m not sure how I feel about the Widdershins–it fits great, but it caused unsightly pooling over the instep, which short-row heels don’t generate. So . . . lukewarm on that heel when using variegateds. Otherwise okay.

Of course, now that I’m between projects again, the cross-stitch is calling my name . . .

16 Responses to a single sock that’s actually a bad match

  1. pamela wynne says:

    I love the beers-and-burgers shot!

    Sad that you’ve got to re-do the first sock, but (as the timeline you described for this one just reminded me) you knit like the WIND (or like a ninja, if you prefer) — it’ll be done in no time.

  2. Specs says:

    Woo hoo! The yarn is BACK, baby!

    I don’t think the pooling is that noticeable (says the girl who freaked out about it on her last sock). And if you’re wearing these with shoes, no one will be able to see it anyway, right?

  3. Brill says:

    There’s something soothing about cross-stitch, and how it just progresses apace with little independent thought. Mine’s going swimmingly (unlike the afghan I’ve been crocheting for over a year!).

  4. Heather says:

    I always have one go-to stockinette sock on the go as it’s the perfect low-cognitive project, and I don’t see any pooling either, but you would know best. :)

  5. Lynne E. says:

    The sock looks great to me! The pooling is minimal; and, IMO, pooling is perfectly okay–they’re only socks, after all. :-) If the matching sock is a different gauge, then I’d redo it, too. Do you have enough yarn? If the matching sock is knit at fewer stitches/rows to the inch, that could be a problem.

  6. Lolly says:

    I am happy to see some knitting in these parts! of course, the cross-stitch is cool too :) Cute sock!

    Yeah, now I owe you an email! thanks for writing!

  7. nova says:

    I like this cute simple sock of yours. But the burgers and fries? Those have completely won me over. I think I know what I am having for dinner now…yum.

  8. laura says:

    I like the sock! And I too am curious for more details about the cross-stitch. It makes me want to start an embroidery project.

    Amelie. Sigh. I love that movie so much.

  9. earthchick says:

    I like the sock! Cute! And that burger? YUM. Soooo wishing I wasn’t trying to do the vegan thing right now. Oy.

    p.s. You have been tagged a Rockin’ Girl Blogger….

  10. Rachel says:

    This post isn’t about me. I can’t find it in myself to be interested.

    Really the pooling isn’t unsightly. I mean, I know it’s frustrating break up the nice stripes, but it could be much worse.

    I’m glad you did a little knitting! Though I’m really looking forward to seeing how your cross-stitch progresses.

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