sheer brilliance

From the idea to knit a single sock and swap it with someone else to the pattern and the knitting by Kristy, this pair of socks is bursting with brilliance.

365.315 • single sock + single sock = pair! (by mintyfreshflavor)

Pattern: Chalet Socks from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks
Yarn: Tess Designer Yarns sock yarn
Skeins: 2
Needles: US 1.5
Received Sock #1: Monday, November 4
Started Sock #2: Tuesday, November 5
Finished Sock #2: Saturday, November 10

Kristy picked a pattern that I probably would have never chosen myself, despite everyone else making it, but that I ultimately have fallen completely in love with. It was a perfectly fine pattern, but never caught my eye. But the traveling twisted knits on the bed of purls? Brilliant. (I’m definitely going to play with designing my own socks based on this technique.) It took me a while to get the hang of the pattern–those charts are unlike anything I’d ever seen before, and I wasn’t “getting it” for the first few rows. When it clicked, though, I was suddenly going like gangbusters. I didn’t swap stitches the way the pattern specified; I considered them like normal cables and worked them using the method for cabling without a cable needle that I first saw on Grumperina‘s blog.

Let’s talk a bit about this yarn. I’ve always been someone who lusts after Tess yarns, and spends an inordinate amount of time in that booth at all the fiber festivals I attend. I’ve bought yarn there, but never the sock yarn. I’m a total convert! It’s firm and dense and gives excellent stitch definition (great with this pattern) and is also soft and comfy. And the color Kristy chose!! Pale icy blue ranks very high on my list of favorite colors, and I found picking this sock up every day a true delight.

I don’t know how to thank you enough, Kristy! Actually, stay tuned, folks, because Kristy sent me a copy of Folk Socks (in addition to the tea, chocolates, and small bag featuring yoga-themed fabric), but I already own it. So we’re going to devise some kind of contest in which you win the extra copy.

I’m so sad that I finished so quickly. It was less than a week ago that I was marveling at Kristy’s skilled knitting. In such a short time I magically have a finished pair–and that’s the brilliance of the Single Sock Swap. (Happily, the two socks are nearly identical. Only difference? She did a better job picking up the stitches around the gusset.)

365.309 • single sock--for me! (by mintyfreshflavor)

38 Responses to sheer brilliance

  1. Mom says:

    I love the pattern and especially the photo of your foot balancing the ball of yarn. Very artistic :) I’m looking forward to getting our household good shipment and having my knitting supplies. Then the inspiration to knit some socks.

  2. Jody says:

    Love those socks!! I can’t wait to knit up my Tess sock yarn. (It was the only other thing I bought after our spending spree in the Lisa Souza booth!)

  3. connie says:

    Those are beautiful socks and they look identical from the pictures. I do love Nancy Bush’s patterns, but haven’t gotten around to this one yet. Now I just might have to!

  4. Rachel says:

    I wonder if this single sock swap is going to exacerbate Second Sock Syndrome worldwide. Now you’re all so spoiled by getting a pair of socks so quickly and easily that I don’t think you’ll ever be able to go back to the arduous process of having to make two.

    That is the ONLY downside I can think of, though, because those socks are spectacular in every single way.

  5. nova says:

    Oh, you finished so fast!! I love that you can’t tell which one you made and which one Kristy made, that is as it should be!

    I am sorry I didn’t get in touch last weekend. Our trip was sort of last minute since we had pretty much decided to postpone it, but then figured why not. And we would have just gotten you sick. And then you wouldn’t want to talk to me ever again. That would make me sad. Next time. Next time.

  6. Minty says:

    OOO! What a pretty pattern! Out of curiosity, is the pattern written to have such a large stockinette toe or is that a personal preference of yours? Nice work!

  7. Melinda, Tess Yarns says:

    Beautiful knitting! And the picture!…I asked my new website designer for a few extras- a slide show when you first hit site, shopping cart and I also want a gallery of pictures from customers, I’m always impressed with what others do with my yarn – I’ve also been impressed with some really good pictures! Of course, not being a great knitter, it is relatively easy 8).

    I would love to have you consider letting me show a picture – I love both!

    He also offered to give me a blog which I admit may be dangerous but I would enjoy it anyway.

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