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So far four people have named me in the little lovey meme that’s going around. Thanks so much, Sulafaye, Jennie, and Specs–and I just heard from Jenny Girl, who has never once commented! I think you guys are great, too. With Valentine’s Day, my most favoritest holiday, right around the corner, I’m eager to spread the love as well.

cupid (by mintyfreshflavor)

Here, then, the blogs that always make me smile and happy when they go boldface in my Google Reader.

Lickety Knit. I went away for a weekend in the woods in New Hampshire with Rachel, her husband, and her husband’s sister, and none of them snuck into my room in the middle of the night to slit my throat or otherwise harm me!

Flint Knits. I’d been reading this blog for 2 days when Pam posted that she was coming to New York. I was the only person to agree to a get-together, I discovered with dismay–no one else wanted to meet this girl? Sigh, what kind of misfit would she turn out to be? But she was actually kinda cool!

Dogged. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? (And she sent me one of her owls, so I’m legally obliged to say she’s one of my favorites. It was in the contract of acceptance of the gift.)

The Knitting Philistine. If only we’d known each other before I moved from Philly, because we would totally have been knitting together all the time.

Twin Knit. Another gal who went through similar life changes as me–and then moved back to Philly–again, after I’d moved away.

Lolly. Now, this girl posts too often, which makes it hard for me to keep up, and she is certainly not lacking for fans, but she’s become a really great friend over these blogging years. She’s even hung out with my mom, and my mom adores her, so she’s like part of my family now.

Bag ‘n’ Trash. Maryse and I actually have a mutual real-life friend, which is how I even first started reading her blog, but her photos alone keep me coming back.

And So the Days Are Filled. I feel as if Meg and I would have been great real-life friends if she didn’t live all the heck way over in Australia.

Joce. Jocelyn’s the queen of crafty women, easily distracted, always funny, and generally a delightfully supportive friend.

Annie Knits. Anne-Marie is another real-life friend, and not only do I admire her knitting, but the girl has a loom.

And an 11th, just because I can: Specs! How did I not put her in the main list!? When I first saw her blog, I immediately subscribed–you just know, you know, when you’ve found a kindred spirit?

I’m loving all these lists around the blogosphere, because it’s also introducing me to some amazing blogs that I wonder why I haven’t been reading all this time. Just what I need, even more in my Google Reader!

13 Responses to making days

  1. Rachel says:

    I think it was a good organizational choice to list people in order of greatest day-making power. :D

    (Do I get my spot on the list revoked for that?)

  2. Meg says:

    Thanks heaps Minty! I feel like we must – MUST – have crossed paths at some point in our lives. If we really work on it I’m sure we’ll figure out we were both in the same place at the same time at least once. (Earth Day in Washington DC 1989? Grateful Dead at Boston Garden autumn 1995? Hersheypark, Hershey PA circa June 1980?) But it might be easier if you just came and visited Australia. I was so hoping you’d make a side trip from Singapore. Maybe next time!

  3. jennie says:

    Thanks, lady. Your blog was one of the very, very first I found and inspired me to start my own. just one of many way’s you’ve inspired me ;)

    how’s the first week of free-free-freelance treating you?

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