when next you see me . . .

I’ll be living in Brooklyn. Sorry for the dead-silence, but I’ve had some patterns in the works, an apartment hunt to complete, and right this minute I’m sitting in the midst of half-packed cardboard boxes and yarn. So just some fun with a flashlight.

fun with a flashlight! (by mintyfreshflavor)

Edited to add: You may actually next see me at Rhinebeck! I’m going up for the day on Saturday (I move on Monday, but I’m still going to buy yarn!). Look for me!

16 Responses to when next you see me . . .

  1. kelp! says:

    I love that you’re going to acquire stuff right before your move. I guess one more bag at this point is no big deal at this point, right?

  2. annie says:

    it was good to meet you minty.. and to give you a hug from joce. hope you had a super fun day on saturday, and that moving hasn’t kicked your butt. i know a really amazing restaurant in brooklyn.. incase you’re looking for some really awesome seafood.

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