shiny and new!

Check it out, guys! Pepperknit is brandy-new, with a fancypants custom site design made for me by the talented designer Jason Krieger. Who happens to be my boyfriend, which means that this project was a labor of love. Emphasis on labor! My new logo was designed by designer Amy Sly a while back, but I never had a site to really go with it. I’m thrilled that I finally do!

We moved things around, as you have noticed, so your old rss feed and links are now out of date. It’s just a little step that I hope you won’t mind taking, to update your blog reader or bookmark so that you come to directly instead of

The sidebar is cleaned up, but don’t worry—all the old content is still here. Patterns are still here (and also easily available through Ravelry). There’s content yet to come—like more book reviews, more recipes, and, of course, lots more crafting. You can see all the posts on the home page, but if you click any of the categories you can filter the posts you see if you want—maybe you’re not a crafter and only want to see food posts. So click on “food,” and look along the top of the page, where you can further break it down into “cooking” and “eating” (where cooking is stuff I make myself and eating is consuming stuff professionals make!). The same goes for “crafts,” too, with the breakdown into my various crafting pursuits.

I’ve even got a new Pepperknit-dedicated Twitter account, where I will tweet site news and other things of interest from time to time. (I promise not to overwhelm your feed.)

So take a look around, make yourself at home, and get ready! I’ve got lots of fun things going on, a backlog of finished projects to write about, and a pretty blog I just want to hang around in all the time.

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