a day at the Met

One of my thirty-three things to do while I’m 33 was to go to the Met (#11). I have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art many times—actually, I used to live within a 15-minute walk of the museum and once took FO shots there—but I hadn’t been in more than a year! Moving to Brooklyn meant a trip to the Upper East Side felt a lot like traveling to a different country. I figured I’d need to pack snacks.

But happily, when Flickr folks come in from out of town on a cold, rainy day, we find ourselves seeking visual experiences that happen indoors, and museums are the natural spot.

Our friend Jodi, who I met through Flickr, has a circle of friends she met on Flickr who have always turned out to be fantastic people, so when she invited us to join the outing when Summer and Cole were in town for the weekend, I of course said yes! That’s summer barely visible on the right of the photo, then Jodi, then me—and you can even see Jason peeking in to this concentric piece made up of small hexagonal mirrors, a piece called As Yet Untitled.

The Met never ceases to be fantastic. I’ve been enough times now that I generally know my way around, and I have my favorite pieces (like this color wall—years ago if I’d seen it I think I’d have said “this is pointless,” but now I just love the idea of a wall like this! I want it in my home!)

It’s a little hard with a group, because you don’t all want to see the same things in the same depth, but I try to be respectful of the visitors, at least. Even though I rarely head up “all that way” to the UES, I’m at least closer than friends from Texas!

The weather the day we went was that kind of cold gloom that seeps into your bones. The steps to the Met were recently renovated and they must have added some kind of heating system (to prevent ice?) because the stairs were steaming when we arrived during the day and the steam created the eeriest, most “New York”y look when we left after the sun set.

I promise not to wait another year before I go back.

5 Responses to a day at the Met

  1. leo says:

    Okay I’m convinced – we need to go next time I’m in NYC, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. :) And that last shot of kriegs is so deliciously noir!! Love it.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Love that last photo. There have been some wonderful misty/foggy days and nights lately. Sadly I don’t have your mad photographic skills and never seem to successfully capture what I’m after.

    Love, love, love the Met. I think only the Louvre rivals it in my heart.

  3. Mom says:

    So, its pack snacks for the Met and pack a lunch for the Great Wall. (Sorry, its a family thing). MintyDad

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