different lines: happy birthday, mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday! And just for her birthday—special for her birthday—I knit her a shawl*! This one is also by Veera Välimäki, my new favorite knitting designer, and while it’s similar to Stripe Study in execution, Different Lines makes a very different shape. I gave it to mom two weeks ago, a bit early for her birthday but a birthday present nonetheless!

different lines

I actually started knitting it while in Norway this spring. I thought to myself, “This would make a great birthday present for mom.” She had expressed how much she liked it, so I knit away in front of her, harboring my little secret.

I started knitting this because I loved knitting Stripe Study so very much. Those garter row short rows are the epitome of perfect mindless knitting, in my book. The short rows keep it from being boring, but the garter keeps it from requiring pretty much any thinking, and there’s no concern about rowing out or other issues that even stockinette, the second-simplest stitch pattern, can cause. I combined fibers for this shawl because the yarns were close enough in gauge: Twinkle’s Cruise, a silk/cotton blend, and one of Alisha Goes Around’s sock yarns (not sure which) that is a blend of wools. This combination gives the shawl a feeling of both coolness and warmth. And since it’s a good size for those times when the weather isn’t quite sure what it wants to do, the cool/warm duality is actually nice.

different lines

Because my cousin was getting married at the beginning of July, I had the chance to give the shawl to Mom in person, so we could have a little early birthday celebration. I got her to model the shawl in my aunt and uncle’s yard on a warm but not too warm July day.

different lines

* OK in truth I didn’t knit this for mom for her birthday. She demanded it when she saw me knitting it. I remained cagey about whether I’d give it to her, but I planned to all along. So when I handed it to her after the wedding and she exclaimed, “oh thanks! for my birthday?” (which: Never do that!), I was quick to say “YES! YES for your birthday” and joked that this would be all she’d get (thus getting me out of buying her an actual birthday present). But I actually bought her something while away this weekend in Vermont, so she gets her cake and to eat it too. But everyone tell her how awesome her birthday shawl is, OK?

15 Responses to different lines: happy birthday, mom!

  1. lauren says:

    The story of her demanding the shawl is hilarious. Also that is SUCH a nice color on her! And thanks for the reminder that I need a stripes study of my own.

  2. Ana says:

    The shawl is AWESOME!

    Ok, now that I have said it, I must say that I love how it drapes, specially in your second picture. The colours fit your mom – and Norway!

  3. carolyn says:

    It’s beautiful! Cathipink just made me one! Which is great b/c I still haven’t finished my first one (the one you made yourself). :)

  4. Guadalupe Shives says:

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