mary jane

I’ve taken a new philosophy on my stash, and hope to work it as best I can: yarn in, FO out. It’s not rocket science, but since my stash is getting more than a little absurd, it’s time to only take in yarn that I plan to turn around into something right away. And by “right away,” I mean as fast as humanly possible. Take this sweater: 8 days of knitting, start to finish (AND I had to take most of it out partway through).

mary jane

The yarn? The fantastic “(A Bevy) of Swans” from Alisha Goes Around. The color? A most cheery sunshiney yellow. The pattern? Mary Jane, by Sarah Moore, which has some nice little details to keep it from being the same-old same-old.

mary jane

I started this on a Friday and finished it the following Saturday—just a shade more than a week. But I had to take out nearly the whole body down to before the armholes on that Tuesday because it was coming out way too big. I still think the neck is too large, but it’s consistent with the size in the pattern now. I’m not sure if I’ll try to doctor it, or if I’ll just live with it!

The knitting jag I went on that last Saturday (OK, let’s be honest, this was a near-obsessive approach to the knitting) left me with achy wrists and hands. Oh carpal tunnel, rearing your ugly head. A friend who is a massage therapist reminded me of some basic stretches to do, and I haven’t been knitting as much in the weeks since, so my hands haven’t hurt much since, but it’s clear I’m going to have to pace myself in the future, somehow. That doesn’t really jibe with my frenetic “yarn in, sweater out” philosophy, but I’ll make do.

I’m really happy with this sweater—I did the little puffed sleeves and think it’s a sweet detail that keeps this sweater from being too hum-drum. It might almost look store-bought, which as we all know is the pinnacle of compliments.

mary jane

These shots were taken in the mountains north of Boulder, Colorado, when we were in town for a friend’s wedding. It was way too hot to be wearing it even there, and I look forward to those early fall days when a short-sleeve sweater is just the thing.

mary jane

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  1. Cassy says:

    Love the stitch pattern on that! It looks great on you. I understand how hard it is to pace oneself on the knitting sometimes…I get in an 8 hour jag on a day and beg my fella for hand massages after.

  2. dclulu says:

    It’s beautiful! And amazing that you knit it in 8 days! So speedy. Did you work, eat, or sleep during that time? No wonder your hands hurt.

  3. LaBean says:

    One of my biggest fears with knitting pullovers is having it come out so big in the neckline that the top of my bra is showing. I’m top heavy so I can’t ‘get away with’ those demi-cup joints so the top isn’t showing.

    This looks good on you, though I can see why you feel like the neck is too big.

  4. lauren says:

    supercute! that is a fantastic yellow. as for carpal tunnel and the “yarn in, sweater out” philosophy not jiving – wouldn’t it jive if you took more knitting breaks so that the sweater took a bit longer, and just didn’t acquire more yarn in the meantime? Anyway, quibble aside, I feel you on the “omg my stash” issue. Mine has expanded out of our coat closet and is now occupying various other parts of our apartment as well. It’s completely stressing me out.

  5. Vivren says:

    I love the texture of the sweater. Fun color too. Is that skirt from Old Navy? Because I think I have the same one!

    8 days! For a sweater! Wow!

  6. Jenny says:

    You were right up the road from me (I live very close to Boulder), and yes, it’s been intensely hot recently, and humid, which is killing the people who live around here. I hope you had a great trip, and I love the color of your sweater!

  7. Jacey says:

    This is a lovely shade of yellow. I’ve had Mary Jane on my to-knit list for a long time. Your version is beautiful! And I must say, I admire your new stash philosophy. A sweater in 8 days in incredible.

  8. Amy says:

    I thought this area looked sort of like Colorado! I’m up in Northern Colorado, and it does make for some fabulous backdrops. Your sweater is fantastic! I really want to make this for myself one day, but I’m trying to take your approach to stash busting and making up projects for which I already have the yarn. :)

  9. Hannahbelle says:

    I’ve got this same philosophy on my stash right now. I’m hoping to knit through a good portion of it before I have to move again…! I’ll wish us both some willpower — new yarn does call! Your sweater is lovely, too :)

  10. Mom says:

    cute sweater and I like the neckline. I don’t think I’ve seen such a bright yellow sweater on you since you were about 3 or 4 and I made a yellow sweater for you ;)

  11. Specs says:

    I love those little puffed sleeves! This look so cute on you.
    he neckline is too big on mine, too, to the point that I don’t wear it to work. Pattern flaw/feature?

  12. Staci Jon says:

    WOW! I don’t know what I’m more impressed with: your beautiful sunny sweater, the lightning speed with which you knit, or the gorgeous photographs! Love the sweater. It is very wearable too – I have when I knit things and then think “I’ll never really wear this”. really great sweater!!

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