second family wedding of the summer!

I did not knit a single stitch for this wedding, and it’s just as well, because the temperature was pushing 100F (37C) and the humidity had to be hovering near, oh, about eight thousand percent. Why yes, we ventured to steamy gross Georgia for a wedding at the beginning of August! This was a cousin on my dad’s side (the wedding earlier this summer was on my mom’s side), who grew up in Georgia and married a good Southern girl.

This is the family that we do beach week with every summer, and the wedding marked the kickoff of our annual vacation. We had a lot of fun, but I must admit, we’d have had more fun if it had been a little less uncomfortable. As it was, I drank one beer and guzzled water (until they ran out of water) and I couldn’t bear to go onto the dance floor because it was at least ten degrees hotter there than elsewhere. Still, we were in a beautiful location and everyone was so so happy.

Once again, it was fun to see family all dressed up, as we rarely wear more than swimsuits and beach coverups when we see each other! There was a bit of dancing and singing but a whole lot of sitting outside trying to cool off.

Heather and Michael never flagged in all the heat—I think they were too happy to even worry about it! It goes without saying that she was “radiant.” We all were. Many congrats to them both, and welcome to the family Heather! I’m psyched we now share a last name.

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