rhinebeck 2011!

I went to Rhinebeck yesterday and all I got was a bunch of yarn and a finished knitted dress, to boot. Oh wait, those things are wonderful outcomes of the annual New York Sheep & Wool festival!

Like last year, my city friends and I opted to only go up for the day, and we left at about the same time as last year, in which we breezed right in. However, this year, as many others experienced, there was no “breezing” in. We got to within three miles of the fairgrounds by 11:15, which was perfect timing in my book, and I put my WIP away in anticipation of soon getting out of the car. But then we sat. In traffic. For an hour and a half. When we got to the entrance and saw the apology sign, telling us that due to heavy rains 2/3 of the lot space was closed, well, we begrudgingly forgave them the wait.

But it meant we dashed into the fairgrounds and caught just the tail end of the Ravelry meetup. I got to see many fantastic people, but it’s clear in following Twitter afterward that I missed seeing dozens of friends who were there! Still, there were some longtime online friends who I got to meet for the first time, and of course old friends who I was happy to be able to spend time with. [Below, clockwise from top left: Caro, Stitchy, Pam, Sarah, Stacey, Jodi, Holly, Lisa, Chawne, Jessie, Diana, Mary-Heather—a tiny sampling of the people I saw yesterday!]

I spent much of the day walking around the barn areas—I never once went into Building A or the other buildings over that way! There just wasn’t any time, sadly. I came with only a few goals in mind: yarn for Still Light, yarn for Buckwheat, and fried pickles. Success on all counts! Once my socializing and scarfing of fried pickles was done, my friends and I made a beeline to the Silver Moon Farm booth, where Periwinkle Dreams sells yarn. I bought yarn from her last year for my Stripe Study and knew I wanted something from her for Still Light—I found a gorgeous watercolor in a deep magenta-purple. Later I ended up in the Sanguine Gryphon booth with zero line. Not even crowded! I found yarn in a burnt orange to earmark for Buckwheat. I can’t wait to cast on for both.

I debuted my Rhinebeck sweater dress, a tunic pattern that I’ll write about soon. Its 100% wool (and a wooly wool at that) was nice on the blustery day, though I wish it had had sleeves! We got spurts of sudden rain, and the wind was blowing all day long.

Five pm came all too soon, and my friends and I piled back in the car for the drive home. We went via the Taconic highway because it truly is scenic: dense trees on either side, with small side roads available for quick, fall diversions. The leaves this year aren’t as pretty as in past years (I say the leaves are changing color slowly but they’re falling quickly this year—which explains the many barren trees with partially changed leaves on the ground). Still, my favorite season is working its magic.

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  1. WhitMc says:

    I am drooling over here in California! Thanks for sharing all the pictures so I could live vicariously through you. The sneak peek of your dress is killing me–I can’t wait to see it!

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