2011 in fabric!

Last year I said that I’d start blogging about my sewing “soon,” but that was clearly a lie, since the only blogging I did about sewing was about my two finished quilts (the wedding present for my cousin and the baby gift for Mixtape). The fact is, 2010 marked the dawn of Minty the Quilter, but in 2011 I really got comfortable with it. And right now, at the end of the year, I’m staring at a long list of quilts in progress. Luckily, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, which will hopefully make the rest go quickly! My old machine wasn’t broken, but it was about 8 years old, all mechanical, and clearly a starter machine. The new one is still “starter” like, but it’s computerized and just seems more efficient already.

My creation

In 2010 I joined several quilting bees, and I kept meaning to post my finished blocks for those bees but I never did. This year a few of those bees finished up, and another got going, so I still had regular sewing assignments to complete. I like them because it means I’m always learning new techniques and practicing. Of course, I’ve fallen woefully out of practice and am rushing to catch up! I’m overdue on several packages. These are the six I finished this year: one star for JulieFrick, an X and an O for Stacey, and three Friendship Stars for Kate.

My two finished quilts are my pride and joy—it’s just too bad that they live with other people. Once I can clear the bulk of the sewing for other people, it’s time to be a selfish quilter. The first one, for my cousin, is really quite simple, but it taught me everything I needed about making a quilt. I then applied all my now-vast experience to a far more difficult project for my friends’ baby! Both were great learning experiences, and I think the finished objects are completely stunning.

Because my fabric stash is now getting as out of hand as the yarn stash (and because fabric scraps are infinitely more useful to me than yarn ones), I’m also trying to blast through that stash, as well. After finishing Kelly’s quilt, I worked up three tops using remaining fabric (and I still have more!). These should be easy to finish up. I plan on using the one that has not been quilted as my “learn to free-motion quilt” quilt.

I even sewed something that was not a quilt this year: on request, a Nook case/stand for Lauren. The fabric is Echino and it seems to be holding up well! I started to make another for my own iPad, but I mis-planned the pocket, had to take it apart to redo, and lost all steam.

Besides these quilts-in-progress I have, no joke, FIVE others in process (one just needs to be quilted and bound, the others need the tops to be completed). I also have several more gift plans. So 2012: Time to Quilt, I think!

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  1. Lucy says:

    I agree! 2012 is the year to quilt. I am learning and in the process of finishing my first quilt – super impressed with your first quilts!

  2. Raffy says:

    Hey Erin! Hi from a Flickr aficionada.
    Kinda OT… I read your profile, so glad you’re an editor in chief. I’m a book editor too, but in Italy, where I live, it’s harder, I guess. It took me ages to get steady work as a free-lance and I’m 36 now. I edit books on various subjects too – from nutrition to cancer to new age crap… What can I say?, it’s a great job :)

    Take care

  3. Jacey says:

    You’ve come a long way in a very short period with your sewing, Minty! I love both finished quilts, and I am so in love with plus quilts. Lauren’s case is super fun. I love Echino.

  4. Marta says:

    I have met the quilt police head on. My dgthduaer was told by the judges at the county 4-h fair that it was unacceptable to sew a binding on by machine. Not that it did not look even, smooth, full , etc. just that the way to do it is by hand. She told them to fly up a rope, That her quilts were made to be used and that machine stiched was the way to go for her. Her quilt did not go to the state fair that year because of the binding. But her photo was in the paper telling them to stuff it. :^) I have not had the oppurtunity to see these modern rules . But doubt if I will follow them.

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