bulky cowl

It’s been forever since I worked with bulky yarn, and oh what a speedy joy it can be! I actually made two of this cowl, by request from my cousin who does not knit (I know, I know).

There’s not too much to say. It’s a simple pattern that works up fast on giant needles. The yarn is Cascade Magnum, and the buttons were bought by my cousin in a pack of dozens on eBay for pretty cheap, which is a score because I once bought woven leather buttons from a button shop on the Upper East Side and together they cost more than the total cost of the yarn I used in that knit!

I don’t normally take knitting requests—my time to knit is precious, and I want to knit what I want to knit! But this request brought out the competitor in me, I think. When she posted on Facebook to ask if “someone” could make it for her, I grew indignant: Is the knitting industry not the foundation of my career? Don’t I have the status as the most accomplished knitter she knows? Well I’LL SHOW HER! Ha!

My pushiness to be the one to make it was barely contested (I’m not even sure if she really knows any other knitters, given the mild response), which then meant I had to actually make it! Oops. It came right at the same moment my Rhinebeck sweater dress pattern arrived, and I had to focus solely on that—I’m sure lucky the weather so far this fall and winter has been so mild! She definitely didn’t “need” the cowls before I got them to her just before Thanksgiving.

So I won with pride intact, and she got a cowl out of the deal. I think we both won!

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  1. Mom says:

    I’m with you on knitting for others, except in this case, it’s your cousin. But I recently took on a scarf and hat for a friend’s husband. It’s very well appreciated so that in itself is rewarding :)

  2. Janieb says:

    Knitting for others is an interesting concept, so long as the knitter does the rules it’s OK ;) Love the cowl & how your cousin got ya. Plus she scored fab buttons, so played her part. Have a great Christmas Minty!

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