blanket for eleanor!

I cannot even muster up any modesty here. My love for this blanket exceeds well, most anything else I’ve ever made. Isn’t it fabulous? I had a vision, and it came together even better than I had imagined!

The fabrics are all from the Kona Poseidon pack of fat quarters, though I did have to buy more of two fabrics, all bordered by Kona Snow. The binding is another turquoise Kona—I didn’t pay attention to the name when I bought it. Basically, I have no idea what all the colors are, exactly, but they’re all Kona, and the bulk of the colors are from the Poseidon pack. My original idea was to have all the squares made out of the same 3 colors, allowing the changing size configuration to give it graphic punch, but I was able to make good use of just quarters by working out this progression; the effect gives it even more depth, I think. I love it so much that I want another, larger one for myself—and have thought about writing it up as a little pattern, once I tweak and perfect a few hiccups—but picking the fabrics is going to give me agita: how ever will I get the combo right a second time??

Because yes, I gave this one away, to my friend Liz’s daughter. I started the quilt for her before she was born but ran out of fabric/took forever to get more/got distracted by other things, so only finished it up last week, in anticipation of finally meeting the little stinker, who is now 16 months old, this past weekend.

It’s backed in a single panel of corduroy to give it some warmth and softness (though it added a slight challenge in the quilting—definitely needed the walking foot!). I give thanks to the awesome staff at Purl, who immediately had great suggestions when I said I didn’t want to piece the back. The label is embroidered on a small patch of Kona snow. I love it, too, especially because I’ve never had the patience to actually create a successful embroidered label before. I also have my personalized ribbon, which I added to the top corner. The white text is kiiind of not as legible as I’d have liked, but it suffices.

Wavy quilting lines also help to soften the rigid structure of the piecing; it was my first time doing wavy lines. I know they’re not especially difficult or crazy, but I’m taking baby steps with each quilt and my quilting, so this felt like an accomplishment to me! I’ve seen the technique used by many quilters, but I was definitely inspired by Bijou Lovely, and her video helped me feel confident when I tackled it myself. I used three different colors of thread for the quilting just for some variety, especially since the backing was solid. (Those creases are from folding and transporting it to Maryland.)

My experience with little kids is extremely limited, but I learned this weekend that there is nothing cuter than a baby saying “baby?” Eleanor’s reaction upon being told that the blanket was for her was so awesome. “Blanket for baby? Baby?” And then shrieks and grabs and even putting it in her mouth and carrying it around the house. For once, listening to a little toddler cry out “mine!” gave me pangs of pride. So enjoy your blanket Eleanor, made especially for you by Aunt Erin!

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  1. lauren says:

    oh my gosh she is SO CUTE hauling it around. Man, there are few things as exciting as seeing a handmade item get USED. I love it. Also that blanket is amazing – really, really great work.

  2. Miko says:

    omg the pics of her holding the quilt are priceless! this quilt turned out SO gorgeous, and the embroidered label looks great – did you machine or hand embroider it?

  3. Jodi says:

    LOVE! It turned out so well and I love how much Eleanor loves it. Also, you look fantastic in the pic of you holding her!

  4. Caro says:

    I love it so much! It’s really phenomenal. You could totally replicate this in another colourway, it’s all about the values you choose. Turn a photo of this one black and white, then do the same with a photo of your potential new fabrics. I have a sneaking suspicion that would help you match things up.

  5. Megan says:

    Oh, the Poseidon FQ pack has been on my wishlist forever!! I love how you used it, the quilt is absolutely beautiful and the photos of Eleanor wrapped up in it and pulling it around are so cute. Great job!

  6. Cassy says:

    Fantastic blanket! I love your little touches with the custom labels, and the color scheme you chose. What a lucky little lady. I’m jealous of your skills, girl.

  7. Nell says:

    Great effort with great response. I love your label. Reports are that Eleanor wraps herself in the quilt and parades around saying, “Baby.” She looks regal. As one quilter to another, I am so impressed.

  8. Liz says:

    It takes my breath away each time I see it. My little girl is so lucky. You are the best Auntie EVER!

  9. Janieb says:

    Stunning, what a lucky girl, loving the label!

    Wether the color repeat happens or not, I know the next quilt will be fabulous too:)

  10. Linda says:

    First of all, I love Jinger’s comment! And yes, this is a stunner – Eleanor is a lucky little lady! I totally think you should play around with making this into a pattern, there is no doubt people will want to emulate your creation! And as for color choice, I think you had the right idea here, stick with one family and stay subtle. Beautiful, beautiful.

  11. Colleen says:

    Oh my, this is so amazing! I would love a pattern or tutorial for it! And I agree, it is so gratifying to make something for someone, and have them really truly like it. Congrats on an amazing creation!

  12. Erin S aka nanasrcool says:

    I just found your page through pinterest. Isn’t pinterest the absolute BEST? I am a new quilter. I have only been at it and well sewing in general for almost 2 years. I am disabled from Lupus and was going crazy with boredom. Decided to make window treatments for my home. When trying to decide what to make I chose to make roman shades that were pieced to look like stained glass windows. While researching how to do it, I started reading/watching piecing tutorials. Went straight into quilting. For a person with absolutely no desire to sew ANYTHING, you can imagine my shock to find quilting to be my absolute favorite thing in the world to do. So much so that I have even purchased a small arm machine and frame to quilt them!

    Right now I am working on my studio/office. Trying to make it a place that inspires me and where I can locate things more easily.

    I have gravitated toward the modern quilting style. That is why I really really love your quilt. I would LOVE to know how to make it. If you would email me the dimensions of the blocks and yardage I can figure it out from there and make something similar anyway. I would gladly send you the money to cover the price of a pattern. I have been trying to find the perfect pattern to use for my grandson’s quilt and that one is perfect. If not his, I need to make one for my granddaughter as well. The funny thing is I already have most of the fabric I need. I have just had such a hard time finding just the right pattern.

    You did a fantastic job on it Erin. (feels so odd saying that to anyone since it is my name too!). I will be following your blog now. Feel free to follow mine too! I have neglected it badly lately. I am now trying to work full time and finding the time and energy is pretty difficult at times. Not to mention the need to get a good camera! My cell phone pictures are just not cutting it! That is my next goal.

    Take care Erin, I look forward to reading more and hope you can send me the info.


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