I was completely out of the loop on Photoville—I must not follow the right photography sorts of people on Twitter—so I didn’t know what it was or that it was happening until I saw the photos of a few friends and contacts who went while I was away on a business trip. But their photos didn’t really tell me anything, either, just that one was checking it out, and that another had a photo up. Whatever it was, I wanted to see it. Tania and I went on its last day.

Turns out, it was a pop-up museum of photography, set up in old shipping containers scattered around an empty lot by Pier 3 (currently unfinished!) of Brooklyn Bridge Park. (This, apparently, is the new thing—repurpose an old shipping container into something else? See the DeKalb Market.) But I’m down with that, although they are stiflingly hot when they don’t open on both sides and the mercury has exceeded 90°F. No matter, there was a misting tent (ahhhhh) and a “hydration station” (a girl with a cooler of water bottles for sale) and the atmosphere, while being baked in the oppressive heat of the day, was genial.

Everyone had a camera slung over his or her shoulder. Were we checking out the make and model of our fellow photographers? I’m sure we were.

The work shown was quite varied, and all interesting. Some of the containers were outfitted further, to set the scene. All of them were food for thought. If I hadn’t been so hot, I probably would have read more of the descriptions. As it was, I just soaked it in. I loved that it was free and available to anyone—and I hope it comes back!

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  1. knitandcurl says:

    OMG! While reading your blog (for the first time), I saw my daughter in the fourth photo down in your Photoville feed. [She lives in Brooklyn, I live in Wisconsin! Small world, isn’t it?]

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