in remembrance

I didn’t know Karrie, KnitPurlGurl. But enough people that I know did, so I heard about her death just after Thanksgiving this year. I don’t know how she died or anything about it, but it seems that it was sudden, and it’s clear that she was young and vibrant and that her loss will affect many in our online community. We might interact on a virtual plane, but the effects are very real, and I know all of our Real Lives are enriched by each other.

So when her fans suggested people knit or crochet a snowflake to send to her family, to complete the handmade snowflake mission that Karrie had been on, well, I wanted to participate, too. I’m proud to be part of this online community that cares so deeply about our members. And I wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season.

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  1. sue says:

    How wonderful is it that the knitting community has gathered together to help Karrie’s family with the snowflakes. I didnt know her in person but I did get to chat a little bit with her on ravelry and fb. Apparently she suffered from seizures and had a grand seizure that claimed her life which is so awful as she was such a vibrant happy person and I loved watching her podcasts full of advice for the fibre community.

  2. Heather says:

    Such a lovely gift in honor of a person that will be missed. I did not know here either, but agree that our community is better off for her having been a part of it. xo

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