color affection

color affection shawl

When I bound off my Color Affection the other day, I did it with loathing. I had been working on this pattern since March of last year. Every row was a small torture—the final length is something like 7 feet long!! Now that it’s done, though, I must objectively admire its beauty. The colors are just what I wanted.

color affection

But I’m ambivalent. It’s a million miles long, so it can be wrapped around and around, which I like to do with scarves, but it’s unwieldy. I don’t understand how to wrap it successfully like a shawl. What have I done??

color affection shawl


color affection shawl

I kind of can’t believe I knit something so enormous; it’s no surprise it took so long. I know I went too far with the first color and decided not to rip, so I actually made it longer than the pattern expects. Despite my lack of affection for it, I’ll tell you that I saw so many Color Affections in the aisles of the Vogue Knitting LIVE Marketplace this past weekend, and every time I did I thought to myself “I made that too!” It made me feel as if we were all in some club, like those who’ve climbed Mt. Everest or survived a harrowing experience together. We’re the war-worn, the triumphant, the ones who made it to the end. And for that, I do feel pride and kinship. (Don’t even tell me how much you adored knitting it and disagree with it being a torture, ok? Let me pretend we all feel the same way.)

color affection shawl

Details: Light gray is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn, which I bought at Twisted in Portland. Dark gray is Periwinkle Sheep sock from Rhinebeck, always my first stop at New York Sheep & Wool. Green is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock that Felicia kindly gave to me when I told her my whole whiny story about choosing a third color (my first color, a mustard yellow, turned bumblebee with the grays and I hated the look, so I frogged). I used a size 6 needle (though I wish I’d used 5s). This was technically cast on in June; the one I started in March did not use any of the recommended methods you’ll find on Rav to make the edges looser (ultimately I wrapped the first stitch twice, which made a huge positive difference), and I was unhappy with the color. So it took about six months in all, with a ton of breaks.

Photos taken by the fantastic Kriegs, on a walk we took down to the Verrazano Bridge to see—or, rather, not see—it in the fog.

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  1. Kasia says:

    I feel the same and I’m glad that I’m not the only one ;)
    It was boring and never ending project – but the effect is fabulous.
    I don’t know how to wear it – however I love it :)

  2. Heather says:

    Oh no! I just ordered the yarn I’ve been wanting to use for this since July. I will take your warning to heart and try not to go too far with the first color. And I will allow it to be my project to pick up when there’s a lot going on around me or I need a break from something complicated. It may take a lot time, but if I go in knowing that, maybe it will be ok. (please?)

  3. duni says:

    it’s lovely. this is the first time i’ve seen a color choice on this design that has made me want to knit it. and since i made my “different lines” shawl based on yours as inspiration hope i’m not headed down the same path again… ;)

  4. sofy says:

    I think the result is really pretty:)
    I got a project (a shawl) I started on some time in Septemper, and it is killing me. I have put it away now, and just hope I one day will feel eager to finish it and take it up again. One can always hope.

  5. Tara says:

    I looks great! I’m slogging though the last few repeats of my lace weight version right now and can’t wait until its finished!

  6. Cele says:

    Looks great!!!!! Worth all your efforts, and you may think you don’t know how to wrap it, but all your pix are terrific!

  7. Limonene says:

    It looks beautiful! I’ve been very tempted by the Miss Babs Color Affection yarn packs we sell at The Yarn Company, but I am not sure I have the attention span necessary to complete one.

  8. Specs says:

    It’s so pretty! But I’m kind of disheartened about mine. I made it about 20 rows in but it’s just been sitting in my knitting bin for months now.

  9. Pans&Needles says:

    I love yours! That green with the greys is gorgeous.

    Mine somehow came out almost half the size the pattern said it would, so I’m not sure what to say about your huge one. I do get a ton of use out of it, though, so I’m actually thinking of knitting a second one, this time in laceweight.

  10. SherryDK says:

    I made one for my daughter and really agree with everything you said….I felt like it would never end (it did take months…missed her Sept birthday and gave it to her for Christmas) and shocked at how long it was….ripped out rows to make it shorter but still so long. Luckily my daughter says it is perfect to wear around the house (and she works from home) on chilly days. But she has yet to wear it out….we loved your photo of it wrapped and still dragging/

  11. Susan says:

    It may have been a pain to complete, but it’s evidence that it pays off to persevere. It looks splendid, and just wonderful against the gray coat.

  12. Michele says:

    At last, someone speaks the truth about color affection!!! After completing mine, and struggling with how to wear it, I realized that there is a reason most photos of this shawl show it spread out, not worn: it is not well- suited for wearing. At least with the cold spell in NYC I am getting some use out of it, draped around my shoulders, in my chilly apt.
    Your color way is gorgeous and love those foggy shots at the Verazzano.

  13. Jani says:

    Beautiful pictures – haven’t taken this particular pilgrimage yet myself, but I do worship at the shrine, so to speak. :) The right wrap technique will come to you, and you will get tons of enjoyment out of this beauty – I just know it!

  14. jackie says:

    I love your pictures. I love how it turned out, I think you wear it just fine. I love Periwnkle Sheep Yarn, I have seen a lot of the C.A shawls around but I have no attraction or fascination with it. I liked your versions of Lined Study and Study in Stripes.

  15. joan m says:

    Lovely! The colors do go well together, and the misty look from the fog just adds to it! May just have to attempt a Color Affection – but I admit, the length is daunting.

  16. Silverilix says:

    Well, however you felt about it when you worked on it, it looks great on you!
    My friend sand I knit one up for a friend and we divided up the knitting, so I have knit it technically…….. but it looks like you are not the only one who had a love hate with the shawl. Well, food for thought.

  17. Miko says:

    i felt that way when I made the Clapotis but I loved it or a good long while. as it turns out that extra length has been great for this cold cold winter!

  18. Kerry says:

    I literally just found your site after entering “I hate Color Affection” into Google! Haha… I started 3 separate times, rearranging the order of my Miss Bab’s kit yarn, and am now lost in the sea of the second section (HOW many more rows?!?). It’s a brutal grind, but I’m determined to finish – if Color Affection doesn’t kill me first!

    Nice to see others have had a similar experience (and managed to see it through). Your colors are really gorgeous!

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