a quilt for Holly

I somehow ended up with a copy of this book, 5500 Quilt Block Motifs, and every now and then before bed I browse it. The blocks in the book are all individually inspiring to me—as potential quilts. I have a long list of blocks from this book that I think would make great full quilts if blown up. I find it both inspiring and soothing to think about quilts before bed—in fact, if I’m having trouble falling asleep because of work stresses or something spinning around in my head, I shift gears and mentally plan quilts. Getting caught up in both color planning and actual math (calculating sizes based on internal blocks) is better than counting sheep for me—I zone out and drift off to sleep in no time. But I wake up with ideas solidified in my head, so it’s a win-win. My recent mini quilts are a perfect example of that. But this traditional square caught my eye; it seemed perfect for a Big Birthday present for my dear friend, Holly.

star quilt

It came together over a few weeks last fall, using fabrics in a variety of colors that coordinated, many from my stash. Rather than make HSTs by stacking two squares and cutting on the diagonal, I cut each triangle individually, decided on my preferred placement, and sewed them together. I wanted all the pairings to be unique, rather than structured in pairs. It was also not that useful to work it as HSTs because there are a lot of triangles that don’t have an opposite one. The backing, which is hard to see in the photos she took, is just a zig zag using up extra triangles I’d cut, and the binding is the Kona Berry that I used as the background for Rosie’s Spoked. The quilting is just double lines along all the angles.

a glimpse of the quilt back

Holly took these pictures for me on her birthday weekend trip to  Mexico. She took the quilt with her on her trip. Sniff. It’s just the best to make something for someone you love, and then find out that they love it exactly as much as you’d want them to, you know?

quilt on the beach

15 Responses to a quilt for Holly

  1. ccr in MA says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful! And while I’m a knitter, not a quilter, that’s a great feeling, whenever you’ve put yourself into a gift, and the person GETS it!

  2. janieb says:

    Brilliantly beautiful! The job of seeng a handmade gift cherished is just as great as funtimes with friends.

  3. duni says:

    it sure is gorgeous. i love the idea of magnifying a block. i also plan quilts (and sweaters and other stuff) before bed. if only i could wake up with the fully formed idea, though! that is a great win. :)

  4. Jill_in_Alabama says:

    wonderful quilt….wonderful pictures and what a blessing she must be to you and you to her. Friends indeed. Thanks for sharing and inspring me to give more!

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