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clementine cake


Years ago—when I was still in high school? maybe college—my mom and I were watching cooking shows one afternoon and saw Nigella Lawson make this clementine cake. It was near the holidays and mom had clementines in the house, of course, and if I remember correctly, she made one immediately after seeing the episode. Over the years she’s made it more than once, but I never had.

Clementines are so perfect this time of year—I’ve always associated them with Christmastime—and I recently bought a crate of them. Though I ate practically one a day, I still have a lot left, so this cake is perfect, as it uses up 5! Though it doesn’t have what we might consider “traditional” Christmas flavors, it’s still one of those scents and tastes that is very, very December.



A chocoholic friend requested “something chocolate” for his birthday, and with that kind of challenge, well, I had to find the most decadent, luscious, ridiculous chocolate dessert I could find. Enter the Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte, from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Cake Bible, via 101 Cookbooks.