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and after all that, i got sick

KBC mittens!

I’m one of those people who gets sick after a stressful event. In college, I got sick on every visit home; for a while in Philly I was getting sick each weekend. I moved to New York, and the constant stress was such that I didn’t actually catch a cold until the week after I stopped working at my job. So after these past few weeks, in which I had a lot of fun but did a LOT, I’m now sick! And home on a Friday night, so I’m talking to you guys for the first time in ages.


stashbusting of a different sort!

Since the pantry is just a different sort of stash, I find I get the same satisfaction when I can prepare an entire dish out of on-hand foods alone, just as if I’d knit a gift out of yarn that’s been sitting in the closet.

asparagus wild mushroom bread pudding


I might not be a vegetarian, but I’m definitely aware of my eco-footprint. I might actually be one of those people who get smug satisfaction in the fact that I have never owned a car, that I walk or take public transportation (very rarely ride in cabs), that I recycle, etc. But really, I’m barely doing a fraction of what I could be, and Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors has me entertaining romantic fantasies of getting up early to head down to the Union Square Greenmarket every week, eating “Slow,” etc.

food, glorious food

homemade granita!

I’ve talked food before on the blog, but surprisingly little. Practically no one knows this, but for a short time, I actually had a food blog—eating and cooking are definitely two of my passions. I always kept the knitting and cooking separate, but I don’t really think they are—both are ways to express creativity. Having subscribed to cooking magazines for years, and even editing several food reference books and cookbooks, well, I know a thing or two about food. I have a lot of fellow foodie friends, and we often get together to cook.