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happy valentine’s day!


I totally get all the cynicism around Valentine’s Day. I get it. Believe me, I hate Hallmark with a firey passion (in fact, I’ve not stepped foot in a Hallmark store since I worked on a book with them 10 years ago), and I don’t even like much chocolate or candy.

Mostly I think Valentine’s Day is funny. Its primary colors are pink and red—and I don’t even like the color pink. But because it’s so singular in its focus, and so completely absurd, I adore it. I always use it as a time to remind my friends and family that I love them—sure, I tell them a lot on a regular basis, but it’s more special today.

So with that, I wish you all lots of love from the bottom of my heart.

And because I’m no scrooge for sweets on Valentine’s day, I made strawberry ice cream for my sweetie, whose favorite ice cream is strawberry. I made this last year and it was so phenomenal, I’ve declared it a tradition that must not be broken.

Happy February!


It’s no secret ’round these parts how much I adore Valentine’s Day. It’s a weird thing—I guess about 10 or so years ago, I just decided to embrace the holiday and make it mine. I mean, sure, it’s overcommercialized and generally a disgusting thing that Hallmark has thrust upon us, but it’s also so cheesy and stupid and can be a lot of fun. I take it as a holiday to tell my friends and family how much I love them—and I usually do it with sugar.

crafting with sugar


I’ve posted several times about my defunct annual Valentine’s cookie decorating party, and in general about my absolute and undying love of Valentine’s Day and all its disgustingly sugary motifs. (I don’t even like the color pink!) Living in my postage-stamp-sized Manhattan apartment, hosting that party myself is impossible. So when Pam came to visit for a long weekend, arriving on the 14th, and asked if we could make cookies, well, you know we were immediately at the grocery store for butter and more confectioners’ sugar.

happy valentine’s day!


My favorite holiday after Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is another time to tell the people in your life that you love them and are happy to know them. It’s also a time to realize just how very loved you are, as well!

it’s my holiday!

valentines 07!

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving (with my birthday attached, of course). In the past, I’ve had a Valentine Cookie decorating party. This year would have been the 7th annual, but with my small apartment and ultrabusy lifestyle, I couldn’t make it work. So sad! So I’m going to share some favorite shots from the past right now.