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Knitting It Old School


I’ve been sitting on this awesome news for MORE THAN A YEAR, guys. A year! That’s like . . . seven dog years. Fifteen cat years. Approximately 4mm of a tree’s trunk diameter. Almost 526 THOUSAND minutes. Like I say, it’s a long time.

A long time to keep a secret.

Happy February!


It’s no secret ’round these parts how much I adore Valentine’s Day. It’s a weird thing—I guess about 10 or so years ago, I just decided to embrace the holiday and make it mine. I mean, sure, it’s overcommercialized and generally a disgusting thing that Hallmark has thrust upon us, but it’s also so cheesy and stupid and can be a lot of fun. I take it as a holiday to tell my friends and family how much I love them—and I usually do it with sugar.

Merion Mitts

merion mitts

A lot of us on the East Coast and Midwest in the US woke up this morning to snow, with the threat of a lot more overnight tonight—but it was just unseasonably warm a few days ago! Such is the way with winter, huh? You think it’s on its way out, and it comes tearing right back in. I suppose it was to be expected—March does come in like a lion, right?

Get your hands ready for the last burst of winter—and keep your fingers warm on those spring (or fall) days when it’s notquite warm enough to be without knitted goods—with the Merion Mitts, my latest pattern!