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merry christmas!


I know, I know! I’ve been completely MIA for the past month. It’s bad. I miss you! I miss my little blog. But I have been just way too busy–flying to the West Coast twice, Christmas parties, frenzied secret santa knitting, the works. I know that I have all sorts of unfinished business to take care of, plus I also have finished business (objects) to show off (well, just one). And I’ll get to it soon. I will have renewed blogging energy in 2008. I swear.

In the meantime, I’m in sunny, muggy, hot Singapore visiting with my parents–and had the delightful experience of a vacation within a vacation to Thailand (I recommend vacations within vacations to all). So it’s really not feeling much at all like Christmas. Here are some photos to tide you over until I sit down and properly get back in the knitblogger groove.