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giving thanks

I’m thankful for this bounty of food, my dearest friends who make up my New York family, and this precious time we can spend together. I love that we’re all taking time out of our week to be with people we love and celebrate food! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

happy thanksgiving!!


It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving—a holiday devoted to food, at which I am the only one to receive presents—is my most favorite. In high school and college my parents and I always celebrated as a nuclear family, doing a full meal for just the three of us, which meant lots of yumminess and even more leftovers. After college I started cooking this meal with a close group of my dearest friends, rotating hosting and experimenting with somewhat nontraditional but still seasonal fare. Of late, I’ve been staying in New York, at a gathering of “strays.” ┬áThe past two years the fabulous Lindsay hosted, but I was in charge of the turkey and gravy. She moved to Beirut this past summer, which means everyone’s coming to our place, plus a few new faces!

over the river and through the woods

I’m home! It took me 4 forms of transportation, 8 hours, and 2 days to get home from Portland. But it was all the expected travel time, so though I dragged myself home dead tired and dirty this morning, it was all part of the vacation. I just woke up from a 5-hour nap; let’s see if I sleep at all tonight!