finished in 2013

Back in 2012 I declared 2013 the year of sewing clothing. I failed! I sewed 3 garments, all with quilting cotton so they’re not particularly stellar examples of handmade clothing. Even though I didn’t actually accomplish much in this area, I started subscribing to garment sewing blogs by the dozens, learning a lot about construction, fit, and even fabric choices. I started purchasing fabric with garments in mind, and I feel comfortable that 2014 is going to have some clothing!

Here are highlights from the year, and it’s definitely not everything that I made. Several here need blog posts still, a few still need photo shoots! And I have a few knits that I know I photographed but I have searched everywhere and cannot find the shots, so I’ll have to do new photo shoots for those.

2013 mosaic

I’m excited to report that after a consultation with a hand surgeon (who wrote this awesome book with his wife (affiliate link)) and some exercises with this (the red one), my hands have been in much better shape! If I were actually diligent about doing the exercises I think I could be actually cured by now. Instead it’s taking a bit longer to get back to 100%, but I can knit again! I actually bought a sweater’s quantity of yarn at Rhinebeck so hopefully I’ll feel ready to get started on that soon, plus finish up all the WIPs that have languished while I was on the DL.

So here’s to healthy hands and even more creating with them this year, and for many years to come.


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  1. Jocelyn says:

    Hey! I miss how connected we once were – there are so many projects here that are new to me and you’ve always been such an inspiration with all things crafty. (I don’t knit anymore and have been contemplating giving all my knitting supplies and stuff away!)

    I wanted to comment that your surgeon’s book looks like it’s amazing and an inspiring read.

  2. Mintyfresh says:

    @Jocelyn: I agree! this is part of why I want to get better about blogging/posting/keeping up to date with everything.

    But of course WordPress is conspiring against me: I didn’t see this or any of the comments, because it didn’t email me about them! I checked the settings and it’s all correct so I don’t know what’s going on.

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh yeah, this is pitiful. You should have made SO MUCH MORE this year.

    (She says, while picking her jaw up off the floor…)

    Amazing. I love all the triangle play!

  4. miko says:

    i have basically 0 FO’s to show for 2013 so one of my resolutions is to actually finish knitting something. anything. ;-)

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