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While my momentum is actually here, I am thinking about my next project. Knitty’s all-men issue has an awesome pair of mittens–the manly mitts. I’m no stranger to stranded knitting (someday I’ll post the photo of the Christmas stocking I made last winter), and I’ve been wanting new mittens. I still really like my double-thick mittens, but they are falling apart, and I’d like to try making a new type, anyway. (New challenges and all that.)

Must revamp the pattern, though, to fit my girlie hands, rather than the manly hands they’ve been designed for. The pattern’s smallest size is 9.3 inches around. Without measuring, I’m pretty sure my hand is about 7 inches around. I should go measure it. I was nearly right! 7.5 inches.

Looks like 56 stitches are worked around once you’re above the thumb gusset. (Pattern would be nice if it gave you this amount!) So 56 stitches = 9.3 inches. So about 45 stitches would be 7.5 (scale-down factor of approximately 0.8). But if I need it to be divisible by 4, then . . . 44.

But now I need to determine the caston amount. Proportionally, going from the pattern’s 48 stitches, I’d want approximately 38. I could do 39, then. Increase proportionally to about 41, but it should be a multiple of 4, so we could increase to 42. Is that too small a difference? Why make the cuff a smaller number of stitches if it’s that close? I guess every little bit helps. Then when I take out the thumb gusset stitches, I only need 2 to cover the distance.

I don’t know if this makes sense–I’m tired!–or if it’s at all useful to anyone else. But there it is. That’s how I scale down a pattern. I need to find my stash of worsted weight yarn. I swear I put it all together in a box, but when I look in the storage closet, that box is not immediately apparent to me.

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