fall projects

While I continue to work away on the baby bootees, and the finishing of the baby cardigan still awaits, I’m trying to think about what I’m going to want to knit next.

And nothing is coming to me. I’m blank.

I’ve looked online at all sorts of sources, I’ve even been to the LYS to look at the books. Nothing really strikes me as something to make for myself. So I’m now thinking, maybe holiday presents. Maybe the ruffles scarf from Scarf Style*, which I made for myself last February.

I like it in a very thin, fingering weight, so it has a delicacy to it. I went to KnitPicks to see what options they have and this yarn‘s color swatches are so vivid and close-up that I find myself backing away from the screen! So tempting . . . But who am I making them for, anyway?

*Funny anecdote about this book. . . . The book was sent to my company as an example of that kind of color printing (FM printing, I believe), along with some other books. The woman to whom they were sent gave it to me, knowing that I’m the only knitter in the office (she didn’t need the sample anymore). I assumed it was some book that had been around for a while; I had no idea that the book had just come out the summer before, nor did I know that all the bloggers were making their own Ruffles! I finished my Ruffles on the day after Valentine’s Day, sitting in the hospital with my mom, who’d had an emergency appendectomy (my dad was out of the country on business).

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