i knew it would be disastrous

I tried on my Tivoli last night. It’s not going to work. It’s tight–not so tight that I’m unhappy with the size–but the armhole is too tight. And that’ll be annoying. The collar is just fine, but I think I’d need a few more increases for the straps and then need to cast on a few more stitches under the arm. It’s not the pattern’s fault–I knew that my gauge wasn’t right.

I’m not as upset as you might think; I wanted a weekend of knitting, and I got it. No matter that the finished product, which was definitely within reach, is now a pile of newly formed balls. I think I might just wait for the standardized pattern, which is due out at the end of the month. Still need to finish that baby jacket! But still, sigh.

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  1. Jaax says:

    Well, think of how much easier it was to frog and wind balls now that you have the ball winder and swift! Speaking of which, I’m going to order the ball winder. Thanks for the coupon heads-up.

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