lake wesauking knitting

Knitting by the lake this weekend was great–and I made amazing progress on the Tivoli T. I did a swatch in the car on the way up, and discovered that my gauge was a little smaller than called for, but I liked the way the yarn was knitting up and so I decided to just go for it (this could prove disatrous). I knit knit knit in every spare moment, and I’m actually about to start the increases at the end of the wais shaping. I should really try it on, but I didn’t have a needle with which to put the work on some scrap yarn.

I’m enjoying working with the Knit Picks Shine, except for some errant slubs that show up unexpectedly. I’ve had to pretty much end the yarn and pick up again several times, and not always in places that I’d prefer–but I was too lazy to take it out to the sides or something and leave a longer piece hanging. Otherwise, it’s incredibly soft and easy to work with. Doesn’t carve a huge dent in my finger, but (here’s a first) I’m getting a blister on the tip of my right index finger, from pushing on the needle! Grumperina’s patter for the Tivoli T is incredibly easy, and easy to follow, so that’s been no problem at all. Great project for picking up and working without thinking. Leaves plenty of room for lazy conversations on the porch, while sitting in a rocking chair!

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  1. Jaax says:

    Looks like you’re making good progress on it. I’m very jealous of your idyllic little weekend. I spent mine with my parents-in-law. Yipes! I’m glad VA is pretty far from MA.

  2. Gina B. says:

    My husband stumbled upon this blog entry when he was searching for information on fishing at Lake Wesauking. I’m wondering if this is the Lake Wesauking in Bradford County, PA? (I don’t know if there are others in the U.S.)

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