I tried to post about this earlier today, but the blogger photo uploader was acting up, so I’m going to try again. (It’s still acting up. This post has a combo of blogger and flickr photos.)

So I rented a car yesterday and drove out to Atlantic City. It took pretty much exactly an hour, much to my surprise (I’d been under the impression it would take a little longer than that). Luckily, it took my mom less time to get there from Maryland than she thought, so we converged at about the same time. We grabbed some food (right before the line got reeeally long) and then cruised the aisles. Here’s all my booty:

It might not look like much, but some of it cost a pretty penny. We have, clockwise from left:

Sock kit yarn A small kit for toe-up socks. My sock history is . . . limited. I’ve knit one sock. Not one pair, just one sock. I was unenthused to do the match. But all you bloggers are addicted to socks, so I figure what the heck.

Four bags of Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. Why so much? I have no idea. But it’s two bags of periwinkle, which I think will become an office cardigan, and two bags of burgundy, for which I’m thinking maybe something like a long-sleeve Tivoli. Or I might make up my own pattern, based on the Tivoli. We’ll see.

A 40″ size 3 Addi Turbo. I want to teach myself magic loop.

Wool in the Woods Two skeins of Wool in the Woods, color H2O. The skeins are upstairs and I’m just too lazy to go look at the fiber content right now, but it’s a simiarl gauge to Kid Silk Haze, only there’s no silk in it. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I am not a shawl sorta gal, but the yarn is so airy and light and pretty . . .

Kid Silque And then, the piece de resistance: Two skeins of Kid Slique, dyed by Prism. Came from the Great Yarns (in Washington State) vendor. The color is called “Periwinkles” and is a rich purple. I’m not generally in to purples, but this one called out to me. There were a ton of other colorways, all very very appealing, but I cannot express how happy I am I got this.

Couldn't resist starting in on this one In fact, I couldn’t resist it, and immediately wound it up into a ball and started knitting. I have about two feet complete. I’m using the stitch I saw in the “My So-Called Scarf” (and upon doing it, I think I once knit a sweater using something very similar). I think it highlights the metallic in a bed of fuzz. I [heart] it so so much.

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  1. Laura says:

    Insanely envious that you were at Stitches. Your haul is amazing. You will love Magic Loop socks — it’s a lot more fun than dpn. I can’t believe how gorgeous that Kid Silque is, and can’t wait to see what it becomes! :)

  2. Jaax says:

    I am so sad that I wasn’t able to go to Stitches again this year. Although, my stash is so out of control there’s no way I could have allowed myself to buy anything. I will use next year’s Stitches as a motivation to control my stash, and next year we’ll go and splurge.

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