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waaah, I can’t go to Stitches

What are the odds? I move apartments over Rhinebeck weekend; the boy moves over Stitches weekend. And I certainly can’t abandon him for his move after he shouldered most of the burden with mine, to go buy some fiber. Perhaps this calls for a free pass to me to do some online yarn shopping . . .


I tried to post about this earlier today, but the blogger photo uploader was acting up, so I’m going to try again. (It’s still acting up. This post has a combo of blogger and flickr photos.)

So I rented a car yesterday and drove out to Atlantic City. It took pretty much exactly an hour, much to my surprise (I’d been under the impression it would take a little longer than that). Luckily, it took my mom less time to get there from Maryland than she thought, so we converged at about the same time. We grabbed some food (right before the line got reeeally long) and then cruised the aisles. Here’s all my booty:


I’m headed out to Stitches this Saturday, to go to the Marketplace and get some probably unnecessary yarn and needles and books. Sucks that I have to go all the way out to Atlantic City nowadays–wish it were still in King of Prussia, which is about half as far. Eh, whatever, I’ve rented a car and will zip on over in the morning. I’m going to meet my mom there, we’ll do lunch, and then we’ll shop. With any luck, she’ll buy me some stuff :) Unfortunately, no Jaax this year, and I don’t know if my friend Osprey will be there–I haven’t talked to her in ages. Let’s hope I run into her. The Marketplace isn’t that big, and I’ve always managed to run into people I know there.