tivoli fits!

I have finished the knitting of Tivoli.

This isn’t my sum up post, however, describing all the details of the project, because I still have to block it and sew in all the ends. Sigh. A woman’s work is never done!

Very happy that I added the extra inch to the length in the middle, plus about another half inch to the bottom. I’m wearing jeans for this photo shoot, and I feel that with blocking the length will be perfect. (Previously, I’d always been in my yoga clothes, which while comfy don’t really give a sense for how something will fit with real clothing.)

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  1. Mintyfresh says:


    I am not considered a tall person, and I don’t think I have a particularly long torso, either. I’m 5’4″ (maybe 5’5″). I never really checked my row gauge (I am lazy on that front), and that may well have something to do with it.

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