tivoli progress

I’m making great strides on the Tivoli. I’ve just finished the shaping decreases:

And am about to start in on my 2.5 inches of knitting straight. As I said yesterday, I decided to do a hybrid of the two patterns, casting on 144 stitches instead of 136 but proceeding until I had 240 sts, just as in the pattern. So I have a slightly larger neckline and slightly narrower straps.

I’m using size 5 Addi Turbos and Knit Picks Shine–my gauge is approximately 24st/4 in. The size 4s gave me 25st/4in, and size 6s would have made the knit too open. I am liking the way this looks, and think it’ll be fine. (Fingers crossed.)

It is SO bright outside, the cream color is washed out and shadows are heightened.

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  1. Laura says:

    Interesting idea to combine the two patterns. Kathy told me that she thinks that this standardize pattern is an improvement on the previous 31″ pattern. I’m not sure if the changes are limited to the width of the straps or if she had some changes to the waist shaping. My guess is that the waist shaping is a bit different, too.

    Looks like it’s coming along nicely. Don’t you just love the pattern?

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